Guide to PIM Data Modeling in 2023

Do you believe your PIM data models are flexible enough to serve your business's evolving needs, considering constant process upgrades, data management scale-ups, and fluctuating market demands— that too in an increasingly composable data environment?

The answer to that cannot be straight!

Besides, in a world where uncertainty has turned into a persistent component, forever looming large—high-quality data models have undoubtedly turned into a magic bullet that works well for data composers and serves well the end consumers.

Guide to PIM Data Modeling in 2023 | © Pimcore
“However, for top-notch data models, there are a few things that need to be done right.”
This whitepaper demonstrates a 5-step Manual to meet your enterprise PIM data modeling needs in 2023:


  1. Brushing Up on the basics: 
  2. Understanding your Data Modeling Needs
  3. Components of a Data Model
  4. Key Steps in Data Modeling 
  5. Ensuring Scalability in Product Data Models 

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