Pimcore Enterprise Subscription

Long Term Support

Pimcore Long Term Support (LTS) is a special requirement for many enterprises and projects. This support option can extend the long-life cycle of your Pimcore installation and therefore, lead to an improved ROI and cost savings. The Pimcore Enterprise Subscription includes Long Term Support with security fixes for legacy Pimcore versions and access to legacy LTS extensions.


Secure legacy Pimcore

Get security hotfixes and patches for legacy and long term support Pimcore versions 5.x and 6.x.

Access to LTS extensions

Get long term support extensions for PHP template engine support and the REST Webservice API.

Pimcore LTS Versions

New major versions are typically released every two years and are usually supported for two years until the next major version gets released. Once a new version is available, the old version is backed by our LTS (Long Term Support) packages, which are included in the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription.

Pimcore version overview and supported LTS versions

An up-to-date overview of currently supported versions can be found on our GitHub page.

Additional LTS Bundles for Pimcore X

  • PHP templating engine support
  • REST Webservices API

Learn more about Pimcore LTS

Ensure your applications are supported and secure with fixes for critical bugs and security issues.

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