Data has a direct connection in improving customer relationships; and engaging customer relations always drive higher business growth. Pimcore makes it lightning fast to integrate customer data by consolidating and managing any customer information from any source. Customer data is integrated in Pimcore CDP (Customer Data Platform). With Customer Data Integration (CDI), you can ensure that all relevant departments in your organization have a consistent access to the most current and complete customer information.

Connect Any Customer Data

Pimcore's "connect anything" architecture and its holistic API-driven approach enables boundless ways of customer data connectivity with business enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, ESB, and websites or external 3rd party applications. Either use the native PHP API or the full-featured RESTful web service API to automate recurring data transfer for two-way real-time communication with other systems.

Technical Architecture

CSV Import/Export

The import and export of CSV (comma separated values) data is included in Pimcore out-of-the-box for one- and two-dimensional Pimcore data models. This functionality includes features for mapping data for imports and the definition of data fields for exports. This integrated functionality comes handy for irregular or manual customer data transfer.

Marketing Automation

Pimcore CDP offers built-in support for synchronizing customer data for email marketing send out. Use the integrated email and newsletter tools provided to personalize content for multiple customer segments. Pimcore syncs configured parts of the customer data and optionally can export email templates to marketing software such as MailChimp, Marketo or Hubspot.

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