Escape Silos and Scattered Assets with Open Source DAM

Siloed and scattered assets with poor data quality can prevent your digital transformation strategies from achieving their maximum potential. A digital asset management (DAM) solution enables you to easily and quickly streamline scattered media assets and leverage them across various departments. Pimcore DAM can be your flexible digital asset management platform, providing all the needed functionalities to consolidate, enrich, translate and manage digital assets.

How Does Pimcore DAM Software Help?


With Pimcore’s enterprise-ready, digital asset management software, the fragmented chunks of digital media content lying in disparate platforms, data banks, hard drives, isolated cloud server or corporate networks can be connected easily across organizations, customers, partners, and suppliers. Enterprises can eliminate their any digital asset management woes as part of their digital transformation strategy by integrating Pimcore DAM with their business operations.


Centralized Visibility

Any digital asset of any quantity can be consolidated in a central place and can be accessed anytime throughout the enterprise. This consolidation of media assets can be instrumental in creating compelling campaigns. You can easily integrate it with 3rd party applications and other systems to ensure quick asset delivery.

Case Study: Integrated management of mass distribution products information

Automated Processes

Eliminate the manual process of media asset management with automatic face recognition, 360 and VR image, image editing, versioning, tagging, scheduling and more. With its advanced workflow engine and asset portal, you can get a better control over editorial processes and boost your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Case Study: Luxury vehicle maker automates dealership furnishing with B2B shop

Personalized Experience

Make it easier for various creative teams and operation teams to collaborate on a single asset and ensure consistency. Deliver outstanding experiences across all customer touch points using high quality, centralized, and consolidated assets. Quickly import and export assets and share them with internal or external users or on social media.

Case Study: Home improvement supplies builds stronger online experience

The Power of Open Source DAM

  • Flexibility: Provide ample flexibility to customize, integrate or extend DAM capabilities the way your business demands. Compatible with all popular file formats and flexible meta data.

  • Speed and Agility: Its “connect anything” architecture and holistic API driven approach enable unlimited connectivity with other systems to immediately roll out new campaigns to meet ever-changing customer expectations.

  • Faster Adoption Curve: No need to spend heavily on trainings. Very user-friendly interface. Integrates easily and quickly in your existing ecosystem and lets you unleash your full creative potential without any hassle.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Open source DAM software provides high-quality source code, greater stability, and performance, for a high-level security of digital assets.

  • No License Cost: Free license available without any recurring subscription payment. Get unlimited rights to use the software and unlimited user accounts with Pimcore’s open-source license.

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Consolidation of medicinal information in a central database

Deutscher Apotheker Verlag is the largest pharmaceutical publishing house in Germany. It provides pharmacies with scientific information and professional know-how. The new homeopathy database is an important part of a digitally transformed business model.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Médias et édition

Heidelberg Enriches Data of 3 ERP Systems in 1 Central PIM

Heidelberg offers a broad spectrum of printing services and software solutions. To increase their range and global sales, Heidelberg has built a European platform that links the market for Tettenrode/Plantin to Belgium and the Netherlands, the market for Mackinggraf to Italy and the market for Hartman to Spain.
PIM/MDM, DAM, Industrie, Retail

Single source database for manufacturing company

Genebre is a world leading manufacturing company in fluid production (from concept to commercialization) and control of high-quality water taps. It needed help consolidating different types of data; Such as all product data, including valves and accessories for the control of fluids and taps.
PIM/MDM, Industrie

Integrated management of mass distribution products information

Agorà Network is a large-scale buyer of the top four mass distribution brands (Tigros, Basko, Poli, and Iperal) with over 200 stores in Northern Italy. They are in the retail and trade business and sell a vast variety of food and nonfood products. 
PIM/MDM, DAM, Commerce de gros, Agroalimentaire

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