Join the Alpine Expedition. A conference like never before.

Revolutionizing Data & Experience Management: Unveiling Pimcore Studio & PaaS with deep tech insights, alongside thrilling business and tech keynotes, developer roundtables, and AI/ML/Automation showcases. Plus, an unforgettable Alpine Party to celebrate!

Experience Pimcore Inspire 2024, an Alpine adventure on March 19/20, 2024 in Zell am See, Austria. March's snow peaks set a stunning scene for customers, developers, Pimcore Partners, and Pimconauts. Redefine your perspective with us in a transformative event that is more than a conference, but a Pimcore community milestone. Join this exhilarating journey – secure your ticket to where groundbreaking insights and guaranteed satisfaction begin!

Discover Why You Can't Miss Pimcore Inspire. Unveil the Unforgettable Journey Ahead.

Partners & Consultants
Partners at the Pimcore Inspire will experience a transformative networking opportunity, gaining critical insights into Pimcore Studio, PaaS, Copilot, and Workflow Automation, shaping the future of their business offerings.

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Developers will immerse in a world of innovation, exploring the depths of Pimcore Studio and PaaS, while engaging with Pimcore Copilot and Workflow Automation, in a community rich with creativity and technical prowess.

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Customers attending the conference will discover how Pimcore Studio and PaaS can revolutionize their business, leveraging the efficiency of Copilot and Workflow Automation, all within an environment rich with expert guidance and shared success.

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Pimcore Studio: Unveiling the Future

Introducing Pimcore Studio: the new editing interface for Pimcore. With its sophisticated UI and advanced technology, it redefines your Pimcore experience. Discover the transformative power for business and development at our conference keynotes. Dive into its depths in developer sessions, exploring the Studio and SDK. Join Inspire 2024 for an exclusive first glimpse of Pimcore Studio – a game-changing innovation!

Incredible Keynotes

Embark on an enlightening journey at Pimcore Inspire 2024 with our series of keynotes. 'Alpine Expedition' sets the stage, exploring the parallels between daring business strategies and adventurous expeditions. 'Scaling New Heights' unveils Copilot, Automation and the revolutionary Pimcore Studio, while 'Conquering Peaks in Business' equips you with cutting-edge strategies for success. Together, these sessions chart a course through the evolving landscapes of technology and business, promising a transformative experience for every attendee.

“The Pimcore Inspire Conferences are unforgettable. It's more than insights and value; it's the emotional, memorable experiences that the Pimcore team masterfully creates.”
Dominik Witte (Basecom)

Boosting Business & Tech: PaaS, AI/ML, Workflow Automation & Copilot

In today's complex digital landscape, a robust solution like Pimcore is essential to tackle technology challenges. In our efficiency-focused era, where TCO and operational efficiency are critical, we must strive for unparalleled efficiency. Discover through live demos how Pimcore PaaS, AI/ML, and smart workflow automation are revolutionizing processes and boosting the bottom line.

More than Just a Conference: A Journey of Inspiration and Unforgettable Emotions.

Pimcore Inspire is more than content and insights; it's about the people, the shared emotions, and the fervent passion. It's our collective zeal for business, technology, and development excellence that defines us. This is the essence of Pimcore. Get your tickets now.

Beyond the main stage, Pimcore Inspire is a hub for invaluable networking, a melting pot of ideas, and a showcase of real-world case studies. It's a place where connections are forged, visions are shared, and innovative solutions are discovered. Whether you're a partner, developer, or customer, Pimcore Inspire offers a rich tapestry of experiences tailored for you. Here, every conversation could be the start of something new, every session a window to future possibilities. Get your tickets now and be part of an event that has it all.

Zell am See: The home of our  "Alpine Exhibition".

Pimcore's essence is about creating unforgettable experiences in extraordinary places. This is why we chose the Austrian Alps for our 'Alpine Expedition' – a place where the freedom and power of open-source truly come alive. Beyond just a motto, it's a promise of breathtaking scenery and shared passions. While we could have met in a city like Hamburg or Rome, Zell am See's majestic beauty, easily reachable from Munich, Salzburg, or Innsbruck, sets the stage for a truly revolutionary experience.

“More than insights, it's a personal journey into development wonders, where each session is a testament to Pimcore's passion for innovation and code.”
Olgierd Mrozik (Lemonmind)

Pimcore Passion. Revisiting Inspire: Moments & Memories.