Global Virtual Conference | Nov 18, 2021

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The Conference Highlights 2021

  • 70+ international speakers from the Pimcore company and its global ecosystem
  • Six parallel tracks loaded with 30+ hours of inspiring, fresh content for customers, agencies, and developers
  • New product announcements such as the Pimcore Cloud and insights into the roadmap for 2022 and ahead
  • Success stories & best practices from our solution partners and technology partners
  • Inspire Awards in five categories for the best achievements of our community
  • Many possibilities for networking and exchange with employees, partners, and customers alike

The Future of Data Management & Seamless Platforms

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore

In a highly connected world, digital experiences are the cornerstone of digital transformation. The fuel for these experiences and the source of acclaimed business disruption is intelligent data, including product, customer, and other domains. Learn more about why Pimcore is the leading global platform to own your digital world.

Pimcore X

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore
Bernahrd Rusch, CTO of Pimcore

Pimcore X is used worldwide for managing billions of data records and experiences on any channel. It’s a flexible jack of all trades, solving a multitude of business challenges. It is the most powerful release ever. Learn more about new features and functionalities: Data Importer, Workflow Editor, Perspectives Editor, SSO with OpenID Connect, Headless CMS.

Pimcore Triple Play

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore
Stefan Gruber, CSO of Pimcore

Pimcore has been the global leader for integrated open-source data and experience management for the last 12 years. A cloud-first, API-driven, and composable digital world leads to rapid innovation and a change in deployment and services models. Pimcore is ready and, for the first time, available as a web-based SaaS platform, enterprise on-premise edition, and free, open-source edition.

Portals - gateways to the world of marketing collaboration

Klaus Schobesberger, COO of Pimcore

A humorous guide through the pitfalls of legacy technologies and market insights for state-of-the-art marketing operations.

Vision 2025 - Styria goes headless with Experience Portals

Klaus Schobesberger, COO of Pimcore
Michael Urban, Consultant at elements
Markus Leitner, Team Lead IT Steiermark

Learn how a leading tourism destination uses Pimcore Experience Portals, implemented MDM and distributes data to partners via Pimcore Datahub APIs.

Order(s) from Chaos: How to combat Commerce Anarchy

Marcel Hollerbach, CIO at Productsup

Brands, retailers, and service providers juggle omnichannel B2B, B2C, and D2C processes, struggling to manage what we call commerce anarchy.

Deep-Dive: Pimcore Product Content Syndication

Christian Fasching, CPO of Pimcore
William Johnson, Senior Solution Architect at Productsup

We give a quick overview of the vendor and seller onboarding and how to import data from Productsup to Pimcore. Then, learn how to export product data managed in Pimcore again to Productsup to syndicate it worldwide.

Creating a world-class customer experience globally

Verena Bucher, Director Business Development at transperfect

Maintaining a consistent brand throughout all target markets, channels and for all target audiences worldwide can be challenging. supports leading brands in their global presence – both online and offline. We know how to implement an automated process to create, steer and optimize all communication materials contributing to a unique customer experience globally.

Enterprise Open-Source

Stefan Gruber, CSO of Pimcore
Maximilian Zschock, Client Success Manager at Pimcore

Pimcore has been the leading free and open-source platform for data and experience management for 12 years. Used by more than 100 000 customers, enterprises need more than just the software itself: Long term support, extra enterprise features, higher performance. Simply because Pimcore is frequently used nowadays for critical applications within Fortune 500 companies.

Pimcore in the Cloud

Stefan Gruber, CSO of Pimcore
Maximilian Zschock, Client Success Manager at Pimcore

After years of driveling, we are finally delivering! Learn more about extraordinary data management in the cloud and our SaaS edition.

Why print and publishing is making its comeback right now!

Horst Huber, WERK II

For a long time we where told that print is dead. Now we know that print is alive and making it's comeback helping companies with their Digitalisation Strategy.

Print publishing with Pimcore for omnichannel experiences

Klaus Schobesberger, COO of Pimcore

Learn about the extensive Pimcore capabilities to enable print for all forms of complexity and automation needs in 2021.

Pimcore in the MACH world

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore

(M)icroservices. (A)PI-First. (C)loud-native SaaS. (H)eadless. Bullshit bingo everywhere. We show you how Pimcore fits in a modern, decoupled IT stack that is enterprise-ready and propels current and future digital experiences.

Headless content management with Pimcore

Divesh Pahuja, Core Developer at Pimcore

So far, it was possible to export documents data in a headless way via Datahub. With the new Headless Documents plugin, you can also structure and manage the data in a headless approach without using any Twig templates or Data Objects. With this plugin, Pimcore becomes hybrid CMS where it is possible to use traditional CMS and headless CMS simultaneously.

The Magic Triangle of Digitalization

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore

Digitalization is a true beast. It's about data, processes, experiences — all within an omnichannel business world. We show you how Pimcore supports your digital transformation challenges with exceptional data and experience management.

Pimcore Roadmap 2022

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore
Bernhard Rusch, CTO of Pimcore
Core Developer Team of Pimcore

Low fat: Improving data quality in the dairy industry


Discover how Lactalis, worldwide leader in the dairy industry, improves its product data quality with Pimcore and DATASOLUTION..

Digital Experience for Melbye


A digital platform for a Norwegian brand selling B2B system solutions and products for energy, fiber, infrastructure, and installation works.

A digital platform for the global experience market

Jochen Schweizer MyDays

How Europe's leading experience provider created a modern, scalable platform for its brand channels based on micro-services in an event driven architecture.

Pimcore, Azure, Shopify, and the story of an International Omnichannel Crafts Selling Exibition


What if you had a famous Italian exhibition that attracts thousands of people and you need to do it digitally because of the pandemic?

PIM and BIM in the digital built environment


What construction materials are for houses is reliable product data for BIM. Josef Platil is a product owner for PIM & BIM at Wienerberger AG.

Why headless is the future of digital commerce


Headless is the new kid on the block, but why? In this talk, I will run through the pros and cons of a headless environment for E-Commerce.

Ecommerce Tracking with Pimcore


In this talk, we explain the implementation principles and show practical examples of ecommerce tracking with Google Analytics and Matomo.

How empowers its dealer network with eCommerce


Shoe brand Gabor is responding to the D2C trend by enabling brick-and-mortar retailers with an intelligent marketplace solution.

Success Factors for a great E-Commerce Experience


Learn which success factors are key for a great e-commerce user experience and how data can support that – covering UX, PIM and E-Commerce.

Challenges with seminar publication for education provider


Bad data quality and no decision about the leading system: Mistakes to avoid when implementing a data model and a bidirectional interface.

How BigMat France creates its promotional materials with Pimcore

Galilée & CHILI Publish

Make a large retail organisation revolutionise his way to produce at a large scale, marketing material with Pimcore and CHILI publisher.

Digital commerce for a Bundesliga soccer club

Team Neusta & Bayer Leverkusen 04

Bayer 04 Leverkusen is a successful soccer club. Find out how the club's e-commerce world came into being and about their fans’ digital shopping experience.

The power of Portals


Our streatgic partner shows why Pimcore is the perfect solution to build any portal for a more personal way to connect with customers, employees, and partners.

Pimcore as Commerce Platform of Elli - Volkswagen Group Charging


For the Volkswagen Group Charging (Elli), a B2C shop based on Pimcore was implemented and launched in just 12 weeks.

An intuitive system for handling a diverse range of products

Blue Paprica

Taxpress has gained a useful PIM and an online shop prepared to use the potential of its diverse product offering.

How IVAR has changed its way to manage its communication


We want to inspire companies that need to publish their data and information in multilanguage, both on digital and on printed channel.

How to build integrated consumer loyalty with Pimcore


We integrated Pimcore with tracking and marketing automation apps to create personalization for both content and products to be purchased.

What unites welfare, indoor climate and campers? Pimcore.


How one strong system meets the diverse requirements of Caritas, WOLF and Roadsurfer and provides 3 highly individual platform solutions.

Product configurator with augmented reality and 3D


With the product configurator developed by Intera, the customers of SCHLEIFRING GmbH can independently configure their individual projects.

How to use Pimcore DXP for Events

wob AG

In this talk wob AG gives some insights into how they developed an event platform with Pimcore and Evalanche.

How Viani perfectly linked online shopping and retail stores


Blackbit shows how Pimcore and HubSpot helped an importer of Italian gourmet specialties to achieve a seamless online shopping experience.

Pimcore Warehouse Integration for Retailers

Basilicom & exit B

Learn how Fleurop seamlessly connects PIM to order management and fulfillment with the VHS1 connector for Pimcore.

Pimcore in the Cloud: A Technology Primer


What's under the hood of the new Pimcore Cloud Edition? Learn about how it came to life and the technical concepts, foundations, infrastructure, and tools.

How to optimize Performance


Learn about the recommended tools, configuration, and best practices to develop a highly optimized web application for high traffic with an excellent user experience.

Deep-Dive: Pimcore Data Importer


This extension adds a comprehensive import functionality to Pimcore Datahub. It allows importing data from external sources and applying the data to Pimcore data objects based on a configured mapping without writing any code.

Go headless with Pimcore


How to get the unlimited power of Headless CMS with Pimcore for improving performance and maintainability.

Symfony 5


The big revolution of Symfony 5 is that it's not a revolution at all. Of course, there are also new components we will explore together.



Combing the power of Pimcore's advanced data modeling with the .NET framework's Entity Framework for multi-threaded data processing.



How CoreShop will revolutionise your e-commerce.

Data Director Bundle


Powerful, flexible, yet easy to configure solution for setting up Pimcore imports, exports, API endpoints, and data management pipelines.

Bigcommerce Connector

Hamari Agency

Bigcommerce is taking off like a storm in the E-commerce SAAS world and is in a great position to compete with both Shopify and Magento.

Connecting PIM & eCommerce for B2B


Our streatgic partner shows why Pimcore is the perfect solution to build any portal for a more personal way to connect with customers, employees, and partners.

Security Headers Dive In


How one strong system meets the diverse requirements of Caritas, WOLF and Roadsurfer and provides 3 highly individual platform solutions.

Benefits of Pimcore for Digital Agencies


Get to know how basecom, a successful service provider with focus on e-commerce and portal systems, benefits from a partnership with Pimcore.

Pimcore Partner Program


Learn more about the benefits we offer for digital agencies and system integrators who provide services around Pimcore.

Pimcore Academy 101


Learn more about our on-demand training platform and explore the various possibilities to leverage your Pimcore experience.

The Pimcore Sales Pitch


Learn how to pitch Pimcore perfectly in front of your customers and what you should pay attention to when talking to them.

CI HUB USPs and Partner Benefits

Larissa Wieland, Senior Partner Manager

Jörg Seidler, Founder & CCO

Join CI HUB, the leading digital asset aggregator that integrates with all Pimcore versions and learn why it is a must have for your clients.


Transformational Customer Experiences with SaaS

This session will examine the total customer experience transformation that comes with the journey from traditional on-premises software to a SaaS model. We will look at the effects that this transformation has on the user experience, the employee experience, and how that culminates in the customer experience. This session will look at best practices and considerations to be aware of as you are on this journey.

Ecommerce’s biggest mobile mistakes

Actionable insights that allow you to implement best practice mobile UX despite challenging interfaces, optimising the path to conversion.

The purpose of Cloud for your future

Clouds are expanding all over the world. We need to adapt to changing environments. Cloud Computing is present in relevant IT industry sectors with high-performance Levels. But why do we need Cloud? Why is it important to use Cloud technology in E-commerce and what chances offers the Cloud for our Ecosystem and Community? These are essential topics that persons who manage small, medium, and large online shops need to know to make strategic decisions, create visions and inspire their customers. Are there alternatives? Let us grow together!

Connect Pimcore to the world with yedi and profihost cloud

Learn how to connect Pimcore to all the other apps and systems in your IT-Landscape using new iPaas solution yedi based on profihost cloud.

Bringing products to life: Setting new standard in D2C sales

We want to show how we created a seamless digital buying experience in B2B, helping increase sales and saving tremendous costs.

Integrating Pimcore using Alumio iPaaS

Discover how Pimcore and Alumio's iPaaS can help eliminate the nightmares of custom-coding and help make integrations futureproof!


The event found its peak when the official Pimcore Awards were be given to the winners of each category. Partners, customers, and community members are nominated to win an award in one of five categories:

  • Most valuable Pimconaut (MVP) of the Year
  • Partner of the Year
  • Data Hero of the Year
  • Experience of the Year
  • Customer of the Year
Re-watch the award ceremony

Uniting the whole Pimcore community

More than 78 global speakers from our community and ecosystem, from digital agencies, software integrators, and technology companies, will tell the story of Pimcore and how it enables the latest trends in digitalization. Whether you are new to Pimcore or an existing client or partner, you will discover lots of fresh, relevant, and inspiring content.

Supported by leading partners

The event is backed by leading companies such as Shopify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Shopware, BigCommerce, and many more. Only with the help of our solution partners, technology partners, and customers could we organize an event loaded with exciting content and thought-leading insights into the digital world of tomorrow.