Pimcore Open Source DXP


The Most Adaptive DXP Platform

Pimcore’s digital experience management platform is an open-source software for managing and delivering personalized digital experiences to every customer on every touchpoint.

It enables enterprises to manage, deliver, and optimize contextualized digital experiences— complemented by analytics and customer data management. Pimcore is hyperconnected and easily integrates with any external software or infrastructure to ensure cross channel continuity across the entire digital customer journey.

Wat is Pimcore CMS?

Pimcore CMS is een centraal onderdeel van de Pimcore Experience Manager. Het is veel meer dan een toonaangevend open-source web content managementsysteem. Het is het enige experience managementplatform waarbij content en commercie naadloos met elkaar zijn geïntegreerd. Het is het meest productieve CMS en marketingplatform ooit.

Headless Content Capabilities to Solve Content & Commerce Challenges

Pimcore DXP’s headless content capabilities use its content-as-a-service (CaaS) feature, which delivers content through an API driven enterprise solution architecture, whether it is for the online marketplace, mobile apps, rich web apps, social platforms, IoT devices, native apps, kiosk, and the likes. This creates tailored buying experiences across any customer touchpoint without increased infrastructure costs.


Pimcore DXP equips businesses with inspiring, personalized digital experiences through web analytics and business intelligence (which are powered by behavioral targeting, data collection, and user profiling). The personalization in Pimcore DXP can effortlessly create consumer-centric content narratives in real-time.


Armed with a leading technology stack on the web, Pimcore DXP is 100% API-driven and is built on robust, modular, standardized, open, and service-oriented architecture. The platform is used by enterprises having millions of products, pages, digital assets, operated by hundreds of editors, and visited by millions monthly.


Pimcore’s digital experience platform offers exceptional operational efficiency. All technical and non-technical users find it easy to use. The context-sensitive navigation, rich WYSIWYG, and drag and drop feature makes it a favorite choice of marketers, sales professionals, editors as well as developers.


Digitalize Marketing Technology
Improve your marketing technology capability with streamlined data, operations, and processes to meet the demanding needs of today’s connected customers.
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Manage Personalized Experiences
Create extremely relevant, customized, and time-sensitive engagements to provide personalized experiences and improve your behavioral targeting.
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Content, Commerce, Contextualization
A seamless amalgamation of content, commerce, and context can help you create engaging customer journeys and compelling shopping experiences.
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Single-source, Multi-channel Publishing
Disseminate content from a single source to multiple touchpoints in multiple formats for better consistency and experience with reduced publishing costs.
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Improve ROI
By merging enterprise DXP and eCommerce, Pimcore DXP boosts ROI for both B2B/B2C industry, via improvements in efficiency and customer experience.
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“We wanted to create a flexible way to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with.”
Country Manager Digital Channel, IKEA Germany


Web Content Management
Manage multi-site, multi-lingual, and mobile-friendly content with a leading open-source web content management system.
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Multi-channel Delivery
Use multi-channel delivery to automate publishing processes across devices and channels for consistency and accuracy.
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Personalization & Analytics
Create compelling and personalized digital experiences using analytics to deliver positive brand experience and build customer loyalty.
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Deze bedrijven vertrouwen al op Pimcore User Experience Management.

Why rely on Pimcore DXP?

  • Personalized digital experience for any touchpoint in real-time
  • Multi-channel publishing for digital, social and print
  • Seamless content and commerce for better customer experience
  • Customer data module for marketing automation included
  • Single-source headless content-as-a-service delivery platform
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