The data quality management system of the Pimcore PIM software opens up new revenue opportunities by meeting compliance standards and increasing productivity through efficient MDM and PIM. It provides the most unified and structured environment for your data. Smart data optimizations and insights are the building blocks for better business intelligence (BI) and analytics. 


The Pimcore PIM software includes user-specific and configurable dashboards. These dashboards highlight relevant information, critical workflow states, and specific notifications. Insert and rearrange your custom widgets to visually and intuitively present any report about your data to business users or data stewards.

Data Quality & Completeness

The Pimcore PIM platform includes numerous functionalities for defining and improving data quality and monitoring data completeness. Use data validation and data quality reports for a central overview. Calculated fields let you monitor the data completeness of individual attributes or languages.

Auditing & Versioning 

The Pimcore PIM platform includes rich auditing and versioning features. Every change within a record creates a new version and is saved to the audit trail. For more detailed insights, Pimcore compares different versions and highlights the differences between each field. Quickly restore a version and track all modifications of your product lifecycle.

Custom Reports

The reporting engine, directly integrated into the Pimcore PIM platform, accesses your SQL database to create live reports about data quality, data completeness, and other critical business metrics. Its filter and export functionalities give you full control of all gained data insights. Seamlessly connect your business intelligence applications for a more detailed and in-depth analysis. 

“Data Quality: A Step-By-Step Planning Checklist”
This whitepaper provides 6 simple steps to help you build a data quality roadmap for the greater effectiveness of your MDM system, including:
  • What questions to ask during the planning phase
  • How to define a clear roadmap from an organizational perspective
  • How to organize your data quality in 6 steps
  • How Pimcore can help you in enterprise data quality management

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