Pimcore Roadmap

The product roadmap and product backlog of Pimcore are completely transparent. Our core development team is driving the continuous development of new features, by using the latest technologies available. The backlog flexibly adjusts to market needs and is updated daily following an iterative Scrum and Kanban development methodology - and a strict no-bug-policy.


Our agile boards are open so that anyone can have a clear view of the ongoing and upcoming development. 

Progress is based on the prioritized stories from a living backlog into phases of specification, design, development, QA, and documentation.  

To see the status of our backlog please visit our project page at GitHub.


Pimcore X, the successor of Pimcore 6, was announced at Pimcore Inspire Virtual Conference on November 26, 2020. It will feature support for Symfony 5 and ExtJS 7. The release date for the Open Source Community Edition is in the beginning of May, 2021. Pimcore Enterprise Subscription is available now, including many Enterprise Extensions, which are compatible with Pimcore 6 and also Pimcore X. Additionally, a PIM & DAM SaaS product will be ready in 2021. Soon, we will also launch an Enterprise Extension Marketplace for our partners.