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Case Study: Multi-website System with PIM/MDM, DAM & CMS

SAL is a creative, LED lighting market leader. Since 1998, SAL’s inspiration has been the creation of smarter lighting choices and believing our success is measured by our customers success.

As the business expanded, SAL National sought assistance with their product information management system. Pimcore's Partner, Stimulus, stepped in to enhance and streamline SAL National's product and data management operations. They achieved this by designing and deploying a new PIM system, which now allows for effortless and intuitive management of over 1500 products.

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Pimcore's PIM/MDM, DAM, and CMS Solution helps SAL National tackle inefficiencies across multiple channels

SAL National had been using several different systems to manage its product information, digital assets, distributors information and website content. This led to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies across different channels. Websites were difficult to update with current data which confused customers and required unnecessary involvement of company support team to clarify the provided information.
Case Study: Michael Farmer, General Manager Marketing, Sal National
"The collaboration of Pimcore and Stimulus Development, created a functional and simplistic platform for SAL’s e-strategy, to allow us to actively promote our products and services and analysis the outcomes."
Michael Farmer, General Manager Marketing, Sal National

Pimcore Solution

To address this challenge, SAL National implemented Pimcore PIM/MDM, DAM, and CMS for their multi-website solution, with the project undertaken by Stimulus agency. Stimulus took on the whole project, covering everything from the tech planning and development to putting it all into action. To meet SAL National's unique requirements, Stimulus built a custom data platform using Pimcore. Key aspects of the project involved migrating and harmonizing around 135 essential attributes. The new system utilises Web2Print technology to dynamically generate product datasheets with accurate and up to date information.

The Results

PIM and MDM solutions played a key role in enhancing user experience, product information management, and search rankings for SAL National. Pimcore solutions ensured high-quality, consistent product information across various channels, improving search rankings and customer engagement. By centralizing product information management with Pimcore PIM/MDM, SAL National ensured data accuracy and consistency, boosting customer trust and conversions. System allowed for efficient organization of products into categories, management of 135 products attributes, and provided accurate product information. Additionally, Pimcore CMS enabled efficient content management across multiple websites, reducing update efforts and ensuring a consistent user experience. The reduction of errors and inaccuracies in product information led to fewer returns and higher customer satisfaction. Pimcore made it easier for SAL to create product datasheets, really streamlining how they handle product information. Plus, its DAM system put all their digital files in one spot, making it simpler to manage and share them. This helped cut down on duplicates and made sure they used the right assets every time. Overall, these solutions increased agility and flexibility, allowing SAL National to adapt quickly to market changes and customer needs, maintaining competitiveness in the fast-paced industry.

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