Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 10 PIM Strategies to Skyrocket e-Commerce Sales

As the holiday season approaches, retailers are gearing up for the two most pivotal shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In today’s digital age, where e-commerce reigns supreme, the effectiveness of a retailer’s product information management (PIM) system can be the game-changer that propels their sales performance during this critical period.
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Every Retailer’s Dream!

Picture this: It’s the night before Black Friday, and the digital rush has already begun. Your PIM system, like the Christmas Star, is ready to guide eager shoppers to their desired products with precision. And when we say ready, we mean that Pimcore’s PIM system is primed to deliver product information across all channels swiftly, ensuring your brand shines consistently, no matter where your customers are shopping. 

Your omnichannel marketing strategy unites all touchpoints – web, mobile, social media, and in-store – like a team of well-guided reindeer, making sure the customer experience becomes a smooth ride. Personalization becomes key, with PIM aligning product suggestions with customer behavior for that bespoke touch. That’s the Christmas spirit we’re talking about!  
But before we dive right into the tips and strategies you can employ to make your holiday sales soar through the roof this year, we’ll briefly talk about why it pays to get started early. 

The Early Bird Gets the … Sales!

The days of the Black Friday morning frenzy are a thing of the past. Just as holiday decorations seem to pop up earlier each year, the shopping season is extending its reach. The surge in online shopping commences earlier than ever, with Adobe reporting a significant increase in sales starting on November 6. That’s why the early bird strategy applies. By updating your product information early and accurately, you’re preparing to scoop up the sales the moment shoppers start their hunt for deals. 

So let’s not wait any longer: Pimcore helps you boost your e-commerce profits during this year’s holiday (sales) season!  

Our Top-10 Tips & Strategies To Boost Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

Employing these ten strategies not only sets the stage for a lucrative e-commerce sales season but also for long-term success in the post-holiday period and beyond: 

1. Brand Consistency: Tying a Bow on Your Reputation

Your brand’s reputation is as crucial as the perfect gift wrap, and brand consistency is the bow on top. Your PIM system enables you to manage all aspects of your product information, ensuring that product descriptions, images, pricing, and specifications are consistent and accurate across all channels. This consistency not only fosters trust but also encourages repeat business extending beyond the holiday rush. 

2. Omnichannel Marketing: Uniting All the Reindeer

Imagine Santa trying to fly with just one reindeer. That’s your campaign without omnichannel marketing. Your customers expect a consistent and integrated shopping experience. That’s why synchronizing the customer experience across web, mobile, social media and in-store is vital. Your PIM system must ensure every piece of product information is consistent, from images to specs, creating a smooth sleigh ride from browsing to purchase, no matter the platform. Pimcore’s fluid omnichannel capabilities ensure that your product’s journey from view to purchase is as seamless as possible. 

3. Personalization: Santa’s list, tailored just for your customers 

Personalization is the modern-day Santa’s list – it’s not just nice to have; it’s expected. Personalization in your marketing and customer segment specific products descriptions can also significantly boost sales. PIM helps create a tailored shopping experience for each customer. By analyzing customer behavior, preferences, and past purchases, you can personalize marketing messages, product descriptions, pricing and promotions. This level of detail in your campaigns and customer experience can convert browsers into buyers and one-time buyers into loyal customers, setting you apart in the competitive holiday market.  

Our tip: You can utilize Pimcore’s Product Experience Portal to curate product suggestions and deals that resonate with your customers. 

4. Elevated Product Discovery

Integrates onsite-search and product discovery tools like filters, facets, long-tail search, and matching products to enrich the customer shopping journey and drive sales. By seamlessly incorporating these features, customers can easily find the products they desire, leading to increased satisfaction and higher conversion rates. From personalized recommendations to precise filtering options, this comprehensive approach enhances the overall shopping experience, fostering customer loyalty and boosting revenue.

5. Reducing Returns: No More Yankee Swaps

Inaccurate or vague product information is a primary driver of dissatisfaction and returns. A comprehensive PIM software reduces these returns by providing customers with the detailed product information they need to make informed purchases. Additionally, leveraging product configurators or guided selling tools helps identify the right products for each customer, further minimizing returns. Clear, accurate product descriptions and specifications and personalized recommendations can significantly decrease the likelihood of returns. This saves retailers from the storm of post-holiday returns and makes the after-Christmas period much more relaxed. From a consumer perspective, it boosts customer satisfaction and – by extension – customer retention. No more trips to the post office, Yankee swaps, or items that end up in a box in the basement!


6. Optimizing for Mobile: Swipe Right on Sales

The sales magic happens on mobile devices, so if your PIM isn’t optimized for thumbs, you’re missing out! With a considerable slice of revenue coming from mobile devices, optimizing your product information for mobile is a necessity. A mobile-optimized e-commerce platform ensures that your products look as good on a small screen as they do on a big one, making the purchase process as simple as a swipe and a tap. 

7. Product Data Syndication: Spreading the Cheer

Product data syndication is the key to ensuring that your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales tap their full potential and that your products reach every possible buyer. It’s like spreading holiday cheer – but for whatever you’re selling! Pimcore’s PIM system can distribute accurate, up-to-date product information across more than 2,500 channels, marketplaces and platforms, ensuring customers find what they need wherever they are shopping. 

8. Search & Filtering Optimization: Finding the Perfect Gift

Enhanced search and filtering capabilities are like having the best holiday lights on the block, making it effortless for customers to find exactly what they need. A robust PIM software makes searching not just intuitive but also satisfying, leading shoppers straight to the perfect gifts they’re looking for. 

9. Emails, Push Notifications & Text Messages: The Modern-Day Carolers

Think of e-mails, push notifications, and text messages as the contemporary carolers serenading customers into shops and websites and boosting Black Friday sales. To give you an idea of their impact: E-mail marketing campaigns saw a 13.8 percent increase in Black Friday orders in 2022, while automated SMS sends increased orders by 1600 % in November 2022 (despite companies sending 34 % fewer messages). This highlights the importance of a solid PIM platform that supports these types of campaigns. The Pimcore PIM enables you to manage a centralized repository of product information, ready to be dispatched in targeted, personalized messages that resonate with your audience. 

10. Gen Z & Millennials: Santa’s new helpers 

Gen Z and Millennials are Santa’s new helpers. This demographic is leading the charge in the shift toward e-commerce and online shopping, especially when it comes to snagging those tech deals. Neglecting them is akin to being the Grinch who stole your own sales. These younger generations not only seek discounts but also demand a seamless product experience. Catering to their preferences can significantly impact your sales figures. 

Our tip: To engage Gen Z and Millennials, it’s imperative that your PIM system optimally showcases your products – especially, the season’s hottest releases. Impress these tech-savvy buyers with a digital storefront that reflects the latest trends! 


And Now: Deck the Halls With Sales!

To wrap up: Your PIM system is the secret ingredient in your holiday sales strategy. It’s much more than just a tool. As the backbone for omnichannel marketing, product experience, and e-commerce success, a strong PIM solution is a strategic asset in the highly competitive holiday market.  

So, as you cozy up with your hot cocoa and brace for the shopping stampede, keep the power of your PIM system in mind! It’s leading shoppers to their product destinations with pinpoint accuracy, turning data into revenue, and crafting a festive shopping journey across all channels and touchpoints.  

Even better: As the gift that keeps on giving, PIM sets you up for a successful new era of sales, leading to enduring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty well beyond the holidays. Use it well and watch your sales sparkle brighter than a tree full of twinkle lights. Happy selling! 

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