Enlighten Your Platform: Pimcore 2023.3 is now available

Pimcore Platform 2023.3 is here! Smart UI Overhaul for Next-Level Data Management. Discover the future of seamless, intuitive navigation.
Enlighten Your Platform: Pimcore 2023.3 is now available - Impression #1

As 2023 is coming to an end, let us finish this year with a bang! Brace yourself for the arrival of Pimcore Platform Version 2023.3 – a game-changer in data management. Pimcore has pushed the boundaries yet again, delivering an experience that's not just improved but reimagined. Own a digital world where every interaction with your data is more intuitive, faster, and downright impressive. So, gear up to explore the latest Pimcore Platform release and bear with us until the end of this blog.  

Make Your Data Shine Bright Like a Diamond 

Pimcore Platform 2023.3 lights up a new user experience era shaped by active user feedback. This update introduces a series of UI enhancements, transforming the interface into a more intuitive and user-friendly environment. The user interface changes mark a significant step forward in the 2023 platform development, which is designed to ease business data operations in the Pimcore Enterprise Edition. Flexibility is essential; you have the power to activate or deactivate these changes based on your preferences, ensuring a personalized and optimized experience throughout your daily journey with Pimcore:

Fancy Way Instead of Bold Path – New Pimcore Navigation 

Pimcore 2023.3 transforms your navigation experience. We've integrated a new submenu that effortlessly lets you manage notifications, profile access, and logout options. The realigned navigation is designed for intuitive, efficient handling of the Pimcore Platform, making every interaction smoother and more logical.

Redefined Toolbar for the digital Home Improvement

The editor toolbar in Pimcore 2023.3 has evolved, thanks to your valuable feedback! The removal of the second-level action bar simplifies and streamlines your workflow. A newly introduced submenu enhances usability, placing essential tools right where you need them. This change reflects our commitment to a user-focused approach, ensuring a more productive and satisfying experience.

Your Hand on the Light Switch – New Theme

Do you remember back in the days when your parents deliberately forbade you to play with that light switch at home? Now, your time has come. Push it as you please! Sometimes, it's just the little things in life that matter the most. Whether you prefer a nightly calmness or a glow of positivity – the new Pimcore Light Theme allows you to switch instantly between light and dark modes. We genuinely believe this option will brighten your day!

Curious for more details? Read the Enterprise Extension Documentation here


But wait, there is more! 

You probably guessed it right – a Pimcore Platform Release is never complete without other awesome features! In the 2023.3 update, we unveil 'Alternative Element Trees' and 'Workflow Automation Integration' – two future-oriented additions transforming how you manage and automate your data. Let's dive right into them.

Experience the Magic of Alternative Element Trees

Imagine having a kaleidoscope to view your data. The result will always be in order regardless of how you twist it. That is what Alternative Element Trees offer. They allow you to create custom views of your data objects, making it easier than ever to spot quality issues and speed up maintenance tasks. Here's where it gets exciting: you can group and organize data based on technical attributes, manage catalogs for specific output channels, or even get an overview for variants management – aligning your Pimcore Platform to how you would like your data to be displayed.

And the best part? Setting this up is a breeze. The user-friendly configuration window lets you create multiple levels of groupings without needing a degree in programming.

Curious for more details? Read the Enterprise Extension Documentation here


Lean Back with Workflow Automation Integration

Introducing Workflow Automation Integration in Pimcore 2023.3 is dedicated to turning complex processes into simple and automated tasks - a breakthrough in making your professional life easier and more efficient. This feature is similar to having a set of intelligent, easy-to-use templates that guide you through automating various business tasks. It's about turning repetitive, time-consuming activities into smooth, automated processes.

With the initial launch, Pimcore provides templates for n8n, a user-friendly platform that simplifies workflow automation. These templates cover common scenarios and are incredibly practical:

  • Connect Pimcore with 3rd party platforms and systems
  • Use more than 700 integration components to automate data pipelines and workflows
  • Integrate Pimcore with out-of-the-box components with Salesforce, Magento, Shopware, Microsoft Dynamics, and many additional marketing and sales platforms
  • Streamline communication processes with integration into Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, and Notion
  • Integrate with data enrichment, data analytics, and AI/ML workflows

Those intrigued by the power of webhooks can now automatically capture and store data from web events directly into a spreadsheet for seamless tracking and analysis. On top of it all, these templates are customizable. Download them within Pimcore, import them into n8n, and tweak them to suit your unique needs.

Curious for more details? Read the Enterprise Extension Documentation here


Our Journey Has Just Begun

This year might be ending, but Pimcore is just getting started. With the evolution of the user interface or new features, such as Alternative Element Trees and Workflow Automation Integration, we begin redefining what you thought was possible. So, hold onto your space helmets because we have a galaxy of development in the pipeline, with surprises bound to dazzle and delight. So, stay tuned and keep your eyes on the stars!


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