Pimcore Experience Portals now feature Guest Logins and Open Portals

We have just released Portal Engine 2.3.0, coming with one of the most wanted features and several technical improvements. Learn more about this version release!
Pimcore Experience Portals now feature Guest Logins and Open Portals  - Impression #1

The Pimcore experience portals make data managed within Pimcore accessible to a broad audience. Just by configuration it is possible to setup portals for specific target groups and publish just the content they need. They are an essential part of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition and one of the most used modules.  

With the latest release, we added some additional features and shipped some additional technical improvements moving the portals to a next level.  

New Feature: Guest Logins and Open Portals 

One of the most wanted features of these portals was a guest login feature and the possibility to set up a portal without a user logging in, so open portals for everyone.  

With the latest version of the portals, we have integrated both options. 



How: Either activate the guest user login with an additional button on the login screen or deactivate the login screen altogether – just by portal configuration.   

Permissions for guest users can be defined the same way as for all other users – thus, it is possible to configure visible content and features for guest users precisely.  

Outcome: These options allow you to set up even more use cases with the Pimcore experience portals and provide you with more flexibility. 

The feature was implemented in collaboration with our silver partner schalk&friends GmbH.


Additional technical improvements 

The 2.3.0 version of the Portal Engine also comes with a few technical enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new: 

Search Index Queue processing via Symfony Messenger   

How: Updating search indices is now possible via Symfony Messenger. So, no additional cron jobs for queue processing are required anymore!  

Outcome: Improved scalability and robustness for all the background processes 

More info 

Simplified configuration for Elasticsearch of Statistics Explorer  

How: Statistics Tracker now uses the same Elasticsearch configuration as the Portal Engine  

Outcome: Single place configuration of Elasticsearch settings such as authentication, etc.   

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Learn about the most important changes and improvements of Pimcore Experience Portals 2.3 in the Pimcore Documentation and find all the changes on GitHub.

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