Pimcore shortlisted as P2C management solution in Constellation Report

Pimcore has been recognized in the shortlist of the first Constellation Report about product to consumer (P2C) management together with nine other products.
Pimcore shortlisted as P2C management solution in Constellation Report - Impression #1

P2C solutions are used to get control over a new field that is known as commerce anarchy. P2C management offers store owners, online retailers, global brands, chief technology officers (CTOs), and chief digital officers (CDOs) a systematic approach to controlling, directing, and maximizing a commerce ecosystem.

P2C management solutions are concentrating on ways to maximize the overall effectiveness of value chains of product information in a commerce environment. Effective realization of P2C results in higher conversion, more revenue, larger margins, faster growth, more repeat sales, higher stock efficiency, and larger customer lifetime value. One of those solutions that have been shortlisted is Pimcore, next to nine other products.

The Constellation report concentrates on 3 categories of features that need to be included in a robust P2C management solution:

  • Consumer reach: Real-time syndication to a large number of consumer marketplaces with marketing and advertising support
  • Commerce management and optimization: Enabling of the cross-platform operations and continuous automated improvement of a commerce business across myriad product providers and consumers
  • Product data ecosystem: Large-scale integration of product information sources such as sellers, vendors, and manufacturers

There are a lot of criteria that have to be fulfilled to be named P2C management solution.
Here are just a few of them:

Out of more than 20 solutions, Pimcore has been shortlisted together with nine other products such as Productsup, Akeneo, and Riversand. It was recognized as one out of ten products that deliver product data to the consumer in the best way.

Pimcore has been shortlisted because it can be used to deliver highly personalized shopping experiences across a marketing ecosystem and any device. In addition to that, Pimcore integrates with most leading commerce platforms and popular marketplaces.

All in all, the Constellation Report defines Pimcore as one of the better-known product information solutions, with maturity and more modules across the commerce spectrum than most others and syndication support of more than 2,000 marketing channels.

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