Welcome Your AI-powered Assistant - The Pimcore Copilot

This dynamic helper is here to revolutionize how you interact with the Pimcore Platform! Discover the Pimcore Copilot, its features and capabilities!
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We at Pimcore have been diligently working over the past months, setting every lever in motion to create you an extraordinary update. The moment has finally arrived to unveil something truly remarkable. From this very moment, you receive restless help from the newest addition to your virtual crew! Introducing the AI-driven Pimcore Copilot, your new, versatile, and adaptable assistant for the Pimcore Enterprise Edition.

Welcome to a new era of digital excellence with the AI-driven Pimcore Copilot.

A built-in assistant designed to make your life easier 

In the fast-paced world of content and data management, efficiency is king. Enter the Pimcore Copilot, a revolutionary addition to the Pimcore ecosystem. This dynamic helper assists you by providing tailored support for a wide range of tasks, making it easier to manage and take full advantage of the platform’s possibilities.

Features & capabilities of the Pimcore Copilot

From context-sensitive actions to a powerful job execution engine, let’s dive right into the exceptional capabilities of this game-changing tool. Fair warning: You might get addicted to using it – it’s just so smooth!

Context-sensitive actions: effortless navigation

The Pimcore Copilot boasts an amazing feature: context sensitivity. Whether you’re dealing with data objects, assets or custom reports, this assistant has your back. As you access it from different corners of Pimcore, it adjusts its functionalities to cater to your needs. In other words: It’s your central command center within the Pimcore Platform – and it dynamically adapts to what you’re doing!

Have you ever found yourself juggling multiple windows and tabs while managing your Pimcore data? It’s a hassle – time-consuming, and prone to errors. The Pimcore Copilot sidesteps this issue. It opens in a separate window and offers you a seamless approach to interacting with Pimcore. You have to experience it because it’s slick!

Job execution engine: precision control

The Pimcore Copilot also introduces a job execution engine that puts you in full control of all your tasks. Managing long-running jobs has never been easier. You can monitor ongoing tasks, track their progress, abort when necessary, or even restart already completed tasks. The job execution engine takes the Copilot’s capabilities to a whole new level. Whether you’re dealing with data imports, updates, or resource-intensive tasks: This feature ensures full visibility and control. It’s about more than just starting jobs; it’s about managing them efficiently to ensure your platform operations run like clockwork. Tick tock!

Out-of-the-box convenience: pre-configured actions

As an additional gift from Pimcore, the new Copilot also comes equipped with a suite of pre-configured actions designed to inspire you and simplify your life. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the available actions:

  1. Open custom report
    Search and open custom reports directly from the Copilot. That’s report management made easy.
  2. Data objects variant generator
    Create data object variants with added inputs – ideal for managing product variations or generating dynamic content.
  3. Asset relation assignment
    Automate image assignment to data objects based on specific metadata and say goodbye to tedious manual image management.
  4. Text generation with prompts via OpenAI
    Craft text content for data objects with AI-powered prompts. You can refine the results by interacting with the AI model. Content creation has never been more effortless.

Stay tuned for more actions to come in the main release!

Curious for more details? Read the Pimcore Copilot Documentation here


The gift that keeps on giving: Pimcore Copilot

The Pimcore Copilot is here to revolutionize the way you interact with the Pimcore Platform, one action at a time. With context-sensitive and customizable actions coupled with a robust job execution engine, it lets you take charge of your Pimcore experience – 100 percent! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the main release in Q1/2024 as the Copilot evolves to meet your needs. The future starts now – with the Pimcore Copilot!

How to open your Christmas present

To unwrap your digital Christmas present, the Pimcore Copilot, please head over to the documentation page. Our installation guide will lead you through each step to integrate this innovative assistant into your Pimcore experience.

See how to install the Pimcore Copilot here

Wenn Sie mitverfolgen oder mithelfen möchten, schauen Sie regelmäßig in unserem Blog vorbei. Oder verfolgen Sie die Entwicklung in Echtzeit auf GitHub. Oder werden Sie Pimcore-Partner und erhalten Sie Newsletter, Einladungen zu Webinaren und mehr.

Danke, dass Sie sich für Pimcore entschieden haben. Bis bald bei der nächsten Version!

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