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Case Study: Developed a B2B platform for 3S Global

3S Global is a renowned home furnishing enterprise & a trusted partner to the wholesale and retail trade in the home, lifestyle, & furnishings product categories. They work as a mediator between the suppliers & retailers of home furnishing products like chairs, tables, etc.

3S Global wanted to have a solution that allows them to manage the massive data related to products, media assets, suppliers, and retailers in a centralized platform. They also wanted to convert their manual data management process into a digital one by developing a robust digital platform. The solution should also allow them to manage their commutation so they do not need to rely on email, text messages, and other mediums for communications.

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Customer Key Facts

Audited Vendors

Manual management of vendors’ business and product information

3S Global is connected with various suppliers and retailers. They used to manage all the data related to products, suppliers, and retailers in an excel sheet manually. It was quite a cumbersome, time-consuming, and inaccurate process to manage such huge data. They were not able to get an aggregated and consolidated view of all the data. It was challenging for them to get meaningful insights out of the data. The client used to manage customer communication in emails. It was again not an efficient platform to manage the communication details effectively. To address these challenges, 3S Global wanted to develop a digital platform that connects the brand with suppliers and retailers. They wanted to allow - 3S Global team to manage all the business information including suppliers and retailers data centrally - Suppliers to manage the products data in a single platform - Retailers to view the product details and send a request for a quote


Deployed a B2B platform that connects 3S Global with Supplier and retailers

Credencys developed and implemented a web-based B2B platform using Pimcore technology at the core. The admin portal allows the 3S Global team to manage product data, supplier data, and retailer data centrally. They can have aggregated and accurate data and analytics of all the essential business entities. The supplier portal allows suppliers to manage products and media assets in a single place. It allows the suppliers to upload a single product or multiple products by importing the CSV file into the portal. The eCommerce website is designed for retailers. They can view the product list, product details, add the product to the cart, and send a request for a quote to the supplier of the respective products. Essential features of the 3S Global project are PIM, DAM, CDP, Digital Commerce Platform, Product Data Enrichment, Analytics, Product Catalog Management, Campaign Management, Bulk Product Upload, Product Listing, Cart Integration, Request for A Quote, etc.


Improved relations with vendors

3S Global improved its relationship with suppliers by allowing them to manage all product data in a single platform. They take advantage of customer profiling using the capabilities of the Customer Data Platform that helps them to promote specific products to a specific audience. Targeted marketing helps suppliers to improve customer conversion and generate better revenue.

Key Results

58 %
Shortened Time to market
-82 %
Reduced duplicate data

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