Case Study: Non-stop enjoyment: online shopping and retail stores perfectly linked - Impression #1

Case Study: Non-Stop Enjoyment, Online Shopping and Retail Stores Perfectly Linked

Viani is a leading importer of Italian gourmet specialties. The company has been serving restaurateurs and retailers since 1973, and end consumers since 2016. In addition to its online store, Viani now operates nine retail stores, following the acquisition of Kochhaus GmbH in 2019, and has become the leading provider of cooking courses in Germany.

In 2016, Viani had already received the Shop Usability Award as "Most Innovative Shop" after a comprehensive web relaunch. Instead of resting on this success, Viani continued to expand its digital commerce platform: a reduced, open design and smart interfaces seamlessly connect the retail stores and online commerce. In this way, Viani ensures a harmonious shopping experience and brings people together.

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Connecting the growing Viani world online and offline

In 2016, Blackbit developed a new brand identity for Viani with a fresh look and a new e-commerce platform that appealed to retailers and consumers. The distribution channels were expanded into multi-channel sales via catalog, retail, and brand shop for B2B and B2C. In 2021, Viani's online presence was not only to be expanded with new content and offers (vouchers, cooking courses, shop locations) and visually refreshed as part of a comprehensive web relaunch but also harmonized with stationary services and products of the delicatessen provider. Gourmets should be able to conveniently shop online and offline, redeem vouchers, and book cooking courses. The goal: maximum user-friendliness and a design that welcomes the entire Viani audience to a place of indulgence. 

Online editors, as well as in-store sales staff, should also have as little effort as possible in data management and synchronization.

"Antonio Viani Importe GmbH and its subsidiaries Viani Food GmbH and Viani Alimentari GmbH have grown together faster in digital commerce through the new Pimcore Shop than would have been possible in analogue requirements. We are currently in an excellent digital position with triple-digit B2C growth and double-digit B2B growth."
Stephan Aswald, COO at Viani

Smart interfaces, latest technology and an open design

For seamless cross-channel commerce, Blackbit has linked the Pimcore open-source platform used by Viani with the in-store cash register system and a cooking course management tool. By synchronizing the data (voucher purchases, activations, and remaining amounts as well as cooking course dates, content, and available seats), the systems are always on the same level. Customers can conveniently purchase and redeem vouchers online and offline or book cooking classes. 

Cleaner code and a new technical base also ensure better page performance and compatibility with future Pimcore versions. PHP templates have been replaced by modern Twig templates with Vue.JS components – for optimal responsiveness of the website and faster loading of dynamic page content. The reduced, clean web design, which blends perfectly with the minimalist design of the local Viani stores, provides even more user-friendliness and a seamless shopping experience.

Case Study: Jana Hartmann, Web designer at Blackbit
"With the relaunch of Viani's Pimcore platform, we are picking up the clean design of the local stores and print media and offer both end and business customers a familiar and user-friendly shopping experience."
Jana Hartmann, Web designer at Blackbit

100 % more conversions and doubled mobile revenue

Guests feel noticeably comfortable at the digital Viani table. The dwell time and the conversion rate of the online shop have increased by more than 30 % within a few weeks after the relaunch. The new services such as vouchers and online tastings are also accepted with enthusiasm.   

The technical update and the mobile optimisation of the design have also paid off: Sales via smartphones and tablets have already doubled in the first month after the implementation.The results of the collaboration between Blackbit and Viani already received their first official honour in 2016 and earned the recognition of a broad audience: at the Shop Usability Award, Viani's platform was awarded "Most Innovative Shop".

In 2021, recognition from the industry was not too long in coming: Nominated for the German Digital Award 2021 in the subcategory Visual Design, Viani and Blackbit eagerly await the high-profile award ceremony.

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