Case Study: DURABLE - Impression #1

Case Study: Relaunch of the Website and Replacement of Old Systems

DURABLE develops and produces intelligent products and solutions for the modern workplace, with over 700 employees. 

In addition to a complete relaunch of the website, the project also involved replacing all old systems. Pimcore not only substituted the old PIM system but also took over the complete asset management with DAM and the organization of non product data with MDM. In addition, twocream realized a BMEcat export with the help of the Pimcore Classification Store. 

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The construction field is large, the tasks diverse

Setting up almost everything from scratch is above all a stroke of luck: there are hardly any restrictions due to the consideration of old systems, everything can be planned. This allowed ideas and of course the size of the working site to unfold. In the first step, twocream's goals were elaborated and defined together with Durable via workshops. To replace the old CMS and the old PIM system was the core task. But you don't build just to replace the old. The task list included what a modern company needs to manage digital tasks: Integration of the e-commerce channel, export of product data to BMEcat, data exports for customer assortments, translation tools, individual workflow management and much more. In all areas and upcoming tasks, Pimcore Gold Partner twocream was able to demonstrate extensive expertise - the project could begin.

Case Study: Thomas Uebing, Vice President Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
"From Nokia 3310 to iPhone 13 in a few months."
Thomas Uebing, Vice President Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Clean reference of the Pimcore content using the twocream connectors

Pimcore is heart of the best-of-breed approach. In Pimcore PIM, MDM and DAM all data is managed cleanly. The old system was replaced without any problems, and the inventory data was imported into Pimcore. During this step, the required revision of the data models and attribute harmonization also took place. SAP was also connected to Pimcore for frequent master data import, including consistency checks. For the outputs, various publication objects for website and BMEcat were designed. Shopware 6 was used as frontend and store system. Shopware obtains almost all content from Pimcore using connectors developed by twocream. A real benefit is the image preparation and image management. In the Pimcore DAM, the transformation pipeline creates and manages all images in the required side formats for the different end devices. Via the twocream DAM connector, the images are directly linked to the Shopware shopping experiences.

Case Study: Christoph Hakenberg, CEO
"Pimcore allows us to solve the most complex tasks through its uniquely high level of flexibility. No matter what the project has in store for us, with Pimcore we have the right system to achieve highly professional results."
Christoph Hakenberg, CEO

The essential is invisible to the eyes.

In addition to the website, which is visible to all, there is a wealth of solutions that work behind the scenes. The data consolidation of SAP master data and product data, the enrichment and playout of data in various channels is reliably handled by Pimcore, ensured by defined workflows and supervised via monitoring. Many processes with different systems and a lot of manual work have been streamlined and standardized. The numerous product sheets are now automatically generated as a finished PDF from the saved data. Pimcore plays an essential role here as the data heart and has made in this form these processes possible.

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