Case Study: Florensis - Impression #1

Case Study: Florensis' use of Pimcore

Florensis is a leading family business in the international ornamental horticulture sector. We strive to be the most reliable, innovative and sustainable breeder and propagator.

Florensis used an ERP-system for their product data and everyone used Excel files to share and import product data. Besides that a homebrew database application was used to manage data. This was very inconvenient and not productive. Also, incoming data was not validated. A consequence of that was that the quality of the product data wasn't always sufficient. Now Pimcore is positioned before the ERP-system in the process.

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Customer Key Facts

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More than 4 million data objects

The biggest challenge of this project was the large amount of data objects. Florensis had more than 4 million data objects, distributed over 50 classes. This massive amount of data objects had to be incorporated in the system. In addition to the large amount of data objects, the data was also structured in a very complex data structure. This was the reason that we, for example, weren't been able to use the default grids. For Florensis we needed to customize some parts of the Pimcore system.

Case Study: Robbert Hamer, Product Owner Pim
"Nature is diverse and not easily caught in one perspective. Our supply chain of plants is naturally diverse and full of exceptions. With help of our partner H1 and our product owners we have been able to overcome this and created a very efficient and scaleable PIM system enabling the users to focus their time on adding value and grow our business. "
Robbert Hamer, Product Owner Pim

Pimcore's ability to handle complex data structures

Thankfully Pimcore is able to handle complex data structures and high volumes of product data. And because Pimcore is an open source platform, we were able to customize some modules for Florensis. Customization was needed to fit the needs of Florensis. We, for example, made custom grids. Our custom grid is more interactive than the default grid. The most important objective of this project was that the data is validated before it is incorporated in the ERP-system. We have achieved this objective.

Case Study: Alexander Batenburg, Tech Architect  & Senior Pimcore Developer
"The data structure of Florensis was so complex that we could only use Pimcore. The other PIM-systems were not sufficient."
Alexander Batenburg, Tech Architect & Senior Pimcore Developer

Validated data and a more productive workforce

Employees of Florensis, that work with product data, don't need to use the ERP-system anymore. Because the Pimcore system is positioned before the ERP-system, the employees of Florensis are able to edit and manipulate product data in a more convenient and productive way. Another important benefit of the Pimcore system is that the product data is validated before it goes to the ERP-system. This means that the product data always have a great quality. In addition to that, Florensis now has better workflows and the data storage is more convenient.

Key Results

Time saved in data maintenance
4 758 411
Data Objects

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