Case Study: Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG - Impression #1

Case Study: The Always-On - Digital Platform- The Henkell Freixenet Group's B2B Platform for Providing Content and Information

Henkell Freixenet is the German-Spanish alliance of the family-owned companies Henkell, based in Wiesbaden, Germany, and Freixenet, based in Sant Sadurni D’Anoia, Spain. The company is the world’s leading sparkling wine producer and has a unique portfolio of brands for sparkling wine, still wine and spirits. The portfolio of more than 80 brands are enjoyed by people in over 150 countries worldwide.

Through the implementation of a Pimcore solution tailored to Henkell Freixenet, multiple needs of international business partners were met. Learn how team neusta helped Henkell Freixenet take their content and information management to the next level and unleash the full potential of their brand and product universe for international business partners.

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Structuring, visualization and provision of extensive data sets and assets

Henkell Freixenet, as a global organization, has an extensive portfolio of brands and products. Brand ownership comes from all over the world, so brand and product information, as well as marketing content, is managed by different departments and sales organizations. However, the organization was struggling to efficiently manage, visualize and deliver its product and brand information, as well as a variety of marketing content, to different internal, as well as external stakeholders. To overcome these challenges, we recognized the need for a centralized solution.

Case Study: Lukas Wagner, Project Manager Digital, Henkell Freixenet
"Together with team neusta and the standard software from Pimcore, we succeeded in implementing an international B2B platform for Henkell Freixenet, which is flexible enough to provide content and information individually tailored to the user, so that they can obtain marketing content and information about brands and products at any time. Great job!"
Lukas Wagner, Project Manager Digital, Henkell Freixenet

Visualizing Pimcore: Get more out of it with the Pimcore Experience Portal

Our goal is to structure and visualize product and brand information as well as marketing content and make it available to different stakeholders. To achieve this goal, we chose a centralized approach that allows the consolidation of all information and assets in a single location. This approach not only optimizes the management process among colleagues within the Henkell Freixenet Group but also provides the best possible service to internal and external stakeholders. By leveraging Pimcore and the Experience Portal Bundle, our solution helps Henkell Freixenet realize the full potential of its brand and product universe.

Case Study: Claudio Diaspero, Geschäftsleitung,  neusta experience
"By using Pimcore, the Experience Portal Bundle, and our development work, we have taken a step closer to unlocking Henkell Freixenet's full potential of product and brand information, as well as marketing assets, for all stakeholders."
Claudio Diaspero, Geschäftsleitung, neusta experience

A platform that provides all information and marketing assets

Our solution offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that meets the above challenges. The different stakeholders can now access all information and content from anywhere and with any device. The implemented role and rights management ensure that all registered users have access to the platform, while the control over the depth of information is individually controlled by Henkell Freixenet. Overall, the AlwaysOn - Digital Platform offers a flexible solution that enables Henkell Freixenet's stakeholders to access their brands and products at any time and to interact with information and content in an individual way. The interaction possibilities extend to sharing and downloading information and content, as well as creating collections, for optimized structuring of content. 

Key Results

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24 000
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