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Case Study: E-Label: How do Henkell Freixenet together with Pimcore meet the challenge to provide customers with legal information throughout the EU?

Henkell Freixenet is the German-Spanish alliance of the family-owned companies Henkell, based in Wiesbaden, Germany, and Freixenet, based in Sant Sadurni D’Anoia, Spain.

In cooperation with Henkell Freixenet, team neusta has developed a customized solution based on Pimcore: E-Label. It is designed to meet the EU requirements for legally compliant labeling of ingredients and nutritional information of alcoholic beverages. E-Label provides product-specific details and information via a multilingual landing page that consumers can access by scanning a QR code.

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Legally compliant ingredients and nutritional information: Clear, concise and always at hand!

Due to the EU Regulation 1308/2013, companies that produce alcoholic beverages and distribute them within the European Union are obliged to provide legally compliant lists of ingredients and nutrition labels. This information must be made available to consumers in their national language, at least in electronic form. As a globally operating and producing company, Henkell Freixenet faces several challenges in connection with the implementation of the regulation: among other things, the clarity of the back label should continue to be maintained and the maintenance of ingredients should be standardized and simple. In addition, new requirements must be easily integrated and issued multilingually. Through the collaboration with team neusta, these challenges were successfully identified and overcome.
Case Study: Harald Oleschniowitz, International Business Development - Master Data Manager, Henkell Freixenet
"The scalability of Pimcore allows us to respond quickly and adaptively to requirements. I am thrilled with the flexibility of the application. This allowed us to implement the solution directly in Pimcore without external services and interfaces."
Harald Oleschniowitz, International Business Development - Master Data Manager, Henkell Freixenet

The standalone solution: E-Label

team neusta worked with Henkell Freixenet to develop a user-friendly input mask that makes it possible to maintain product-specific information efficiently. The system handles the complexity of the legal requirements, from rounding rules to the legally compliant arrangement of ingredients and output on a landing page. After successful validation of the data, QR codes and landing pages are generated in different languages. Intelligent translation logic automatically translates into all official EU languages. The QR code allows end consumers to conveniently access all information about ingredients and nutritional values. The approach aims to standardize workflows and ensure that Henkell Freixenet complies with regulatory requirements, while ensuring effective communication with the end consumer.
Case Study: Claudio Diaspero, Geschäftsleitung, neusta experience
"Once again, we worked with the colleagues of Henkell Freixenet to create a customized digital solution that meets their specific requirements. Pimcore enables us to develop a robust and flexible service that continues to drive digital transformation, while increasing operational efficiency and complying with regulations. We are proud of this accomplishment"
Claudio Diaspero, Geschäftsleitung, neusta experience

A user-friendly solution with simplified maintenance & automated distribution

End customers of Henkell Freixenet now have the simple option to quickly access the list of ingredients and nutritional information. The landing page behind the QR code can be displayed in all 24 official EU languages, enabling Henkell Freixenet to distribute throughout the EU. The function can be used in a variety of ways and can be expanded to meet additional requirements. Thus, with Pimcore, a solution was created that is easy to use, well-scalable and standardized.

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