Case Study: INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH - Impression #1

Case Study: Shop Including Pwa and Product Data Integration With Variant Products and Many Attributes

INGUN Prüfmittel GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality testing technology, such as spring-loaded test probes, test adapter kits and removal accessories.

Previously, products including product data and assets were collected and born by Ingun in huge Excel sheets. Once the product was created, the master data was created in ERP. The assets of the products, such as exploded views, approvals and certificates, were all in databases separate from the product data. Here, the product manager acted as the single point of truth, who had the arduous task of keeping track of the data and keeping it up to date. In addition, product data from competitors was collected in a further source in order to be able to offer the user suitable Ingun products as alternatives in the store. The digital agency NETFORMIC from Stuttgart found the perfect solution with the implementation of Shopware 6 including PWA based on Vue Storefront and the connection of Pimcore including data modulation. 

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Scalable, lean and manageable product data solution

Through the introduction of Pimcore, transparency had to be created in the processes surrounding the creation of the products by the respective stakeholders. The mental knowledge of many employees was to be systematized and - if possible - flow into the database. Many process "special bells" had to be identified, evaluated, reduced if possible but at least harmonized and integrated into the digital workflow. A lean solution in 4 languages was developed. The solution had to be scalable to be extended with additional languages, products and attributes. The store also had to include a B2B feature set.


Enrich and map product data via Pimcore

The solution is a mapping and enrichment of all product data via Pimcore including data modulation. Thus, the data can be easily and quickly played out to Shopware and VueStorefront connection. In the future further extensions will follow.

Case Study: Grischa Zimmermann, Director Account Unit, NETFORMIC GmbH
"Ingun is not only the world market leader in electronic testing equipment, but thanks to our help now also with their digital presence."
Grischa Zimmermann, Director Account Unit, NETFORMIC GmbH

Product data handling made easy with Pimcore

The result is impressive: The Ingun success story will continue to progress digitally thanks to NETFORMIC with the help of this product data preparation and store software solution including a connected PWA.

As a first step, the data model was created. NETFORMIC was able to capture the company's complex product data situation thanks to its experience and outside perspective, allowing it to create a model perfectly suited to INGUN's requirements in Pimcore.

Pimcore was also seamlessly connected to the ERP system.

Thanks to the introduction of Pimcore, INGUN's product managers can now maintain their product data in one tool and have complete transparency over the different versions, the completeness of the data and the release status of each product. The product data sheets are now continuously created overnight from Pimcore. 

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