Case Study: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH - Impression #1

Case Study: Germany's Leading Trade Fair Center Operator Has Dramatically Simplified Data Maintenance with New Digital Platform

Key to Markets: Messe Stuttgart is the reflection of Baden-Württemberg's successful economy. Trade fair, congress or event - Messe Stuttgart brings people, markets and ideas together.

Messe Stuttgart is a mirror image of the successful southern German economy. Its exhibition halls are among the most modern in Europe and offer renowned companies an ideal forum. With 1.2 million visitors annually, it is constantly growing - and with it the requirements for the digital infrastructure. Messe Stuttgart is facing this challenge with the optimization of central IT systems. At the heart of this is Pimcore as a digital content hub.

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Customer Key Facts

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Analysis, consolidation and optimization of the existing system environment

The requirements for digital services and infrastructures of a modern trade fair platform are growing exponentially. Online ticketing, centralized distribution of press and marketing content and, last but not least, the logistical planning of trade show events pushed the historically grown and heterogeneous system environment of Messe Stuttgart to its limits. This was reflected in performance drops at high traffic, redundant data storage and poor communication between systems. In a 4-year long visionary project anders und sehr analyzed and consolidated the existing system environment and relied on Pimcore for strategic data management.
Case Study: Florian Weller, Team Leader Digital Communication
"Our targets have been exceeded. The Pimcore-based marketing database has dramatically simplified data maintenance, accelerated processes, and has easily handled any peak load to date."
Florian Weller, Team Leader Digital Communication

Pimcore at the center of strategic data management

After analyzing the existing system environment, the legacy marketing database was superseded by a Pimcore-based successor. The previous software was only used for data exchange with the ERP system and as a basis for the creation of trade show catalogs. Today, Pimcore is the central hub for exchanging all digital data between the companys systems. Data is collected, enriched and delivered in a custom-tailored and performant way. A large part of the content on more than 60 trade fair websites is fed from this data pool. The ticket sales platform developed by anders und sehr uses the same source, as do various e-commerce applications and the digital displays on the exhibition site.
Case Study: Javier Salas, Founder & CEO
"Pimcore convinced after a very short time: The prototype was already working after a few hours. The developers are very satisfied with the modern architecture and the standardized technology stack. The customer is also highly satisfied: finished on time and on budget with high performance."
Javier Salas, Founder & CEO

Faster - easier - more reliable

Pimcore has been successfully implemented as a platform for communication between exhibitors, visitors and the employees of Messe Stuttgart. The project goals, above all central data management, high performance and a significant reduction in maintenance effort, were all achieved. In the future, all publications, whether digital or printed, will be fed with data by Pimcore. For the first time, updating the exhibitor directory - a time-consuming manual task before the introduction of Pimcore - is possible "at the push of a button". In a largely digitized process landscape, Pimcore has reduced complexity while reducing dependency on many different individual tools. The implementation was so successful that a second Pimcore instance is now used for project planning of complete trade fair events of the customer.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Data Objects
Time saved in data maintenance

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