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Case Study: Meddox Gets a Medical Record-Keeping App

Meddox Digital is the first healthcare startup in Croatia — founded in 2020 by three management & industry experts with the goal of providing a free and easy-to-use medical record-keeping app.

The founders of Meddox Digital had one goal ⁠— to make handling personal medical information more efficient and approachable to its users. Pimcore's Strategic partner, Factory, devised a solution in the form of native applications on Android and iOS platforms ⁠— powered by REST API that delivers data from the Pimcore MDM solution (which includes a full DAM and CMS solution).

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Meddox's Business Needs

After the founders of Meddox gathered partners who would make their project come to life, we started working on a solution and detected the following business needs and challenges. We had to look into key technical, UI, and business components to make this solution viable for the end user. The main challenge was planning the key features that add value to the customer in comparison to current solutions and native options of each tech platform. Aside from that, to extract that value from the data that users entered, we had to review the current capabilities of existing technology, such as OCR, data structuring, text formatting, etc. On the other hand, the data sources for all medical information on the targeted market were flawed and incomplete. The challenge was introducing order in non-structured and non-standardized data from multiple sources. Last but not least important was user education and adjustments to meet their needs from a product features perspective.
Case Study: Maja Bogović, Founder at Meddox
"The Factory team met all our expectations and proved to be a reliable partner during the entire process — from idea to execution. We will continue to develop new functionalities of the Meddox application together, and I am very much looking forward to that."
Maja Bogović, Founder at Meddox

Solution: A Medical Record-Keeping App

As the product management team responsible for the project, we devised a solution in the form of native applications on Android and iOS platforms ⁠— powered by REST API that delivers data from the Pimcore MDM solution (which includes a full DAM and CMS solution). With our client, we've worked out the bigger picture of the project and defined its long-term functionalities. The project's core was digitalizing medical reports and developing a system that recognizes parameters from the findings and stores a digital copy. From the technical side, we've divided the System into units that offer the client plenty of opportunities to improve its independent components. It is based on the Amazon AWS stack, which allows great flexibility in scaling the System while controlling costs.


The Results

With the Meddox app, users can scan any type of printed medical record (currently only Croatian) using a phone camera or directly upload pictures or files from a device. They can easily review or edit data, access their original medical records through search or filter, and share them with their doctor or other caregivers. Lab test data is visualized through easy-to-use graphs⁠ — showing high and low values ⁠— and the recognized laboratory components have related values & reference ranges to give users a clearer picture of their records. The Meddox application was the on-spot solution with almost 12.000 users and is currently available on App Store and Google Play. The project is still ongoing since we are working on adding new functionalities, but each developed System's modularity, flexibility, and expandability are an excellent foundation for upcoming phases.

Key Results

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