Case Study: Grocery Chain Grows Global Reach Into New Markets - Impression #1

Case Study: Delightful Customer Engagement and Ample Marketing Opportunities

Northgate González Market is a leading supermarket chain headquartered in Anaheim, California. They operate 41 high-volume stores and have a workforce of around 6000 associates.

Past few years ago, they were contemplating various options to bring better consistency in their customer data in order to build higher customer engagement, better visibility across the company, and improve online presence—not just of their grocery business but also of their real-estate division.

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Bridging the Digital Divide Between Organization and its Customers

Northgate Market was facing numerous issues relating to the maintenance of customer data. This included no single trusted repository for customer information, as the data resided in different business departments and applications. It was leading to complications in pinning down customers, as a single customer had multiple profiles. Due to which a customized experience could not be offered, and no actionable insights on customers could be derived. The company also did not have an online presence, due to which customers had to walk into the store every time to pick up their orders. As a result, the company had a very limited scope of engagement with customers, dependent only on physical means as Northgate Market had no digital connection with customers after they left the stores. Therefore, no brand-related communication could be delivered to the customers online. Northgate Real Estate faced a similar issue of customer engagement. There was no visibility about the end-users who were visiting the Northgate properties. The company was dependent on a third party to manage the content of their website. The campaign and marketing potential was quite limited; no system existed for the approval of workflows. The company was facing many other issues that hampered productivity and employee efficiency, like manually managing store staff activities with a paper-based collection of data, generating reports for every business. Besides, there was no store-level inventory visibility.

"We were looking at improving data transparency and consistency to elevate customer service and experience across our businesses. But when we teamed up with PGS, we realized a laundry list of areas could be revamped. As a result, we ended up creating not just a whole new customer experience, but enhanced our employee experience, online presence, and a whole lot of other things."
Northgate Market

Stitching User Touchpoints, Online and in-Store Ordering, and in-House Content Management

Pimcore Global Services carried out real-time integration with end-user touchpoints to aggregate data in one location. Master data management (MDM) was implemented to remove redundancies. Advanced technologies were incorporated for data verification and registration by integrating with third-party channels like OFAC for facial and address recognition. For Northgate’s grocery business, an online and in-store ordering system was developed, along with a web platform where promotional gift cards were offered to end-users. This platform had the capability to fetch menu items and ingredient details from Northgate’s legacy systems. For Northgate real estate, a solution was built and integrated with the Wi-Fi at Northgate properties. In order to access the Wi-Fi, end-users needed to provide their email ids. A web content management system (WCMS) was built to provide enriched content to the end customers; it also offered Northgate Market an opportunity to manage their content in-house. A lot of other technology upgrades were undertaken pertaining to internal processes and productivity through executing automation, real-time data collection, rules-based validation, alerts, and notification. In-store inventory visibility was brought in by automating store ordering and showing inventory in hand along with auto-suggestions. Quick ordering was introduced by “Re-ordering,” that reduced repetitive tasks. A platform was created to provide visibility on different applications across the organization.

Case Study: Shashin Shah, CEO Pimcore Global Services
"Northgate Market was a classic case that needed a technological boost to achieve its true potential. We knew it from the start. But, what was even more remarkable was the way Northgate Market accepted and adapted to these massive changes in the way they work; that was truly rare."
Shashin Shah, CEO Pimcore Global Services

Marketing Opportunities, Great Customer Experience, and Content Management Made Easy

The MDM implementation, PGS carried out led to more marketing opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers. The company could effectively segment customers, personalize content for them and send tailored offers. Besides, MDM also helped in reducing a significant amount of time in data accumulation and cleansing. Due to improved customer experience and online presence, their grocery business experienced a very high footfall. It also helped them attract and engage many new customers by converting them into long-term patrons through their unique gift card platform. This also resulted in better visibility and experience for the end-users and substantially reduced the time-to-market. By centralizing the entire customer management system, Northgate Real Estate integrated their end-user data and reduced the cost and effort of maintaining their website content. As a result, the entire content management came into their control (instead of the third party), and they could update and maintain the content as and when required. The enhanced internal processes in their grocery business resulted in streamlining the ordering process, reducing ordering effort and the delivery time, leading to a faster time-to-market. The employee experience also dramatically improved.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Improved CX
Increased Productivity

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