Global Training Provider Pivots to Online Learning with Help from Pimcore

Petroskills provides online and in-classroom training around the world for workers in the oil and gas industry.

How a global leader in education and training for energy industry workers pivoted from in-classroom to online learning and boosted sales and share-of-wallet in the process.

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The Global Pandemic Causes Big Disruption

Petroskills and its family of companies have been global leaders in education and training for the oil and gas industry for over 42 years. For most of its history that training was delivered in person in classrooms and in workplaces around the world. When the pandemic hit, Petroskills needed to pivot hard to meet the competitive demand to sell more training online via virtual classes and on-demand courses and modules. Petroskills turned to Lightning Jar to help implement a Pimcore eCommerce platform / PIM solution uniquely suited to the complexity of their product catalog, which included on-demand courses, books, software solutions, virtual courses with live instruction, and in-person courses in various countries around the world.
"We had been using Pimcore as a CMS for years without realizing everything it could do... the Lightning Jar team opened our eyes to Pimcore's PIM, DAM and Commerce capabilities and more. Even though we had very complex integration and product data challenges to solve, Pimcore made everything a lot easier... this was a big win for us and we're thrilled with the results."
Clay Owens, Director, IT and Training Administration

A Flexible, Powerful Commerce Solution with a Custom Checkout Workflow

Lightning Jar helped Petroskills to unify and harmonize their product data, finding the best way to structure it in Pimcore, so that registrations for scheduled in-classroom courses in specific locations were as easy to sell as physical text books, and course downloads. We then helped Petroskills to design and build a modern commerce website that would allow users to easily navigate industry-specific training offerings and complete the course registration process, taking care of international compliance requirements, corporate discounts, and check out via invoice or credit card. For the marketing portion of the website we integrated Pimcore with Pardot to provide marketing automation and compliment Pimcore's built-in content personalization capabilities.
"Sometimes projects are challenging not in the pure number of SKUS but rather in the complexity of the product data, and the business logic required. For this project Pimcore was the obvious platform choice, to empower Petroskills to manage and sell physical products, virtual products, and scheduled in-person courses in classrooms around the world."
Kevin Peckham, Principal

A Big Overhaul Wins Big Results

Petroskills saw a 100% increase in daily active users month over month and a 200% increase in online training purchases after the new commerce website launched-- a boost credited to better search optimization, better mobile performance, better internal site search experience, and a faster, and easier to navigate check-out experience. Additionally Petroskills marketing and sales staff were able to spend less time and resources processing each order, yielding a much more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Key Results

Increased conversion rate
Increased Website Visitors
Increased Online Training Purchases

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