And the first Award goes to the Most Valuable Pimconaut of the Year

Every month, we award one of our open source contributors to be the contributor of the month. Out of those 12 open source contributors, we awarded one Most Valuable Pimconaut of the Year.

In 2021, Roland Arvanitopoulos from our silver partner seitwerk became this Pimconaut. Have a look at Roland's winner video once again!
The following aspects led to this award: 

  • Roland was the creator of the Perspective Editor in Pimcore – thanks for this amazing contribution! 
  • He also contributed a lot in different directions to the platform 

  • Finally, he got the most votes in the community to become the Most Valuable Pimconaut of the Year. 

So, Congratulations on winning this award! You really deserve it, Roland! 

What did Roland say about getting this award?  

“Thank You so much for the award. I really appreciate it. I hope I can raise my glass with all of you next year in Salzburg!” 

You’re welcome! We are looking forward to some more great contributions from you! 


Author:Thalena Rumi
Thalena Rumi
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