Open-Source Scaleup Pimcore Bolsters Executive Management and Broadens its Reach for Further Global Growth

Open-Source Scaleup Pimcore Bolsters Executive Management and Broadens its Reach for Further Global Growth - Impression #1

SALZBURG, Austria – July 1, 2023 – Pimcore, a much-admired Austrian scaleup, and a leading open-source software vendor for data and experience management, have today announced a pivotal expansion of its executive management team. Supporting over 110,000 companies and 154 partners globally, Pimcore continues to ascend at a remarkable pace, carving out an inspiring success story in the open-source world.

Dietmar Rietsch, Co-Founder of Pimcore and CEO since 2009, is taking up the mantle of Managing Director. He will spearhead product and innovation, in unison with the core technology and product co-founders Bernhard Rusch and Christian Fasching. This dynamic duo has guided the product strategy since Pimcore's inception.

Klaus Schobesberger, who has admirably fulfilled the responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer over the past two years, is set to transition into the role of Managing Director. Leveraging his deep expertise and organizational knowledge, Klaus will oversee the key domains of IT, finance, legal, human resources and operational services, fortifying the company's foundation for sustainable growth.

Complementing this fortified leadership team, Dr. Matthias Blauth and Sebastian Scheel are stepping into their respective roles as Managing Directors. Dr. Blauth, a seasoned executive with a stellar record in market strategies, will be at the helm of Pimcore's go-to-market strategy, sales, and revenue functions. His mission will be to drive Pimcore's market presence and strengthen the revenue streams, optimizing the commercial potential of their robust product offerings.

Simultaneously, Sebastian Scheel, who brings a wealth of experience in service delivery and scaling operations, will lead these critical sectors. Tasked with ensuring service excellence while driving scalability, Sebastian's role will be pivotal in supporting Pimcore's ambitious growth trajectory. This dynamic leadership ensemble, each with their unique strengths and expertise, sets the stage for Pimcore's continued success and expansion.

Rietsch enthusiastically commented, "The addition of Matthias, Sebastian and Klaus to our executive management team is truly exciting. Our exhaustive nine-month executive search has led to an outstanding blend of expertise and dedication. Pimcore is hurtling forward, achieving commercial success and nurturing a flourishing global ecosystem. Our newly-appointed managing directors possess an exceptional track record in scaling organizations, products, revenue, services, and ecosystems. This is an extraordinary team for our ambitious growth plans."

Following a successful $12 million Series B funding round in September 2022, Pimcore is branching out to Germany, with a new office opening in Langenfeld, nestled between the metropolitan areas of Düsseldorf and Köln. This expansion signifies Pimcore's commitment to enhance their global presence and embrace the opportunities offered by the robust German market.

"Pimcore's vision extends far beyond geographic boundaries," declared Matthias Blauth and Sebastian Scheel, the newly appointed Managing Directors. "As we step into our new roles, we are energized by the unrivaled potential we see in Pimcore's offerings. The privilege to steer Pimcore into this riveting phase of growth is one we relish. Propelled by an innovative product and technology roadmap and fueled by our devoted 'Pimconauts'—the affectionate name for our Pimcore team—we're ready to make waves on a global scale."

Klaus Schobesberger, now in the role of Managing Director, mirrored this sentiment: "My journey with Pimcore over the past two years has been nothing short of remarkable, witnessing first-hand the exceptional growth and team achievements. In my new role, I am thrilled to play a part in our global expansion. Beyond our Austrian roots, we're preparing to make our mark in various global regions, cementing our role in the global open-source software community."

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