Pimcore Awards: Most Valuable Pimconaut (MVP)

Please give it up for this year’s winner of the Most Valuable Pimconaut Award: Sebastian Blank. Learn more about the award and Sebastian now!
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Pimcore Awards: Sebastian Blank is Most Valuable Pimconaut (MVP) 

Massive improvements have been made to Pimcore platforms in 2021 and 2022, and we are in the final stages of releasing the new Pimcore XI Edition. The success of Pimcore X would not be possible without the contributions of the Pimcore community. So: A huge applause to all the members who have helped make the Pimcore Community Edition a market-leading product!  

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with various people and organizations from around the globe. And we are very happy to see that the Pimcore community is growing every day.  

What is the MVP Award? 

To honor outstanding contributions by individuals, the Most Valuable Pimconaut Award was created. The Pimcore community shares their knowledge in a variety of ways, including in social media posts, blog articles, forums (Quora), and in person at events. One of these events was the Pimcore Mountain Summit, where we announced the finalists and winners of the Pimcore Awards – among them, the award for the Most Valuable Pimconaut.  

Thalena Rumi took the stage to announce the finalists and the winner of this year’s award. Please join us in congratulating Sebastian Blank on his win!    

Sebastian Blank is a Senior Developer with extensive knowledge of Pimcore platforms and has been nominated for the Most Valuable Pimconaut Award twice in a row.     

Go ahead and have a look at the video of how happy Sebastian Blank was about having received this award!  

Once again, congratulations to Sebastian Blank! And now, let’s check out who else made it onto the list of finalists. 

The finalists of the Most Valuable Pimconaut Award

Jacob Dreesen:

Jacob Dreesen works as a Senior Developer at Team Neusta. His contributions include support for modern bundle structures, improved web server configurations along with support for static pages, proper execution of migrations in the correct order, and more. Learn more about Jacob Dreesen on GitHub and Twitter.   

Jan Walther 

Jan Walther works as a Senior Developer at Blackbit. His contributions to the Pimcoverse include a dialog for overwriting assets on upload, UI improvements for locking items, a custom layout for object modules, and adding foreign keys to data object tables. Jan also won the Most Valuable Pimconaut Award in 2019. For more information about Jan Walther, visit Xing and Twitter.   

Dominik Pfaffenbauer 

Dominik Pfaffenbauer is the CEO of CORS. His incredible contributions include Pimcore Docker multistage builds and improved data class rebuilding, Symfony Messenger implementation for maintenance tasks, and more. Learn more about Dominik on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter.    

Sebastian Blank 

Sebastian Blank is a Senior Developer working at Data Factory. Here are a few highlights of Sebastian’s contribution to the Pimcoverse:    

  • Pimcore 11: clean up Symfony packages, update Doctrine DBAL to V3  

  • Regular fixing of PHP docs   

  • PHPStan upgraded from level 1 to level 5   

  • Fixed PHP 8.1 deprecations   

You can learn more about Sebastian Blank on GitHub and LinkedIn.     

A huge shoutout to all the finalists and, of course, to the winner of the Most Valuable Pimconaut of 2022. And a big thank you to everyone who helped create market-leading platforms and provided great insights. We can’t wait to keep collaborating with you and create a better digital world together!     

If you're not a partner yet and would like to learn more about the Pimcore Partner Program or need additional resources, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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