Pimcore Closes $12M Series B Deal led by Nordwind Growth to Globally Expand Enterprise Open-Source Data and Experience Management Platform

The Austria-based software company will leverage funding to disrupt traditional licensing business models with a powerful enterprise open-source alternative to legacy vendors.

September 27, 2022 – Pimcore, the leading enterprise open-source software platform for PIM, MDM, DAM, DXP and E-Commerce, has closed $12 million in Series B funding. Led by German tech growth fund Nordwind Growth, the investment will support the Austrian tech company’s global expansion, the commercialization of the open-source platform and continued development of disruptive data and experience management capabilities for enterprises.

Pimcore is an open-source software platform for managing data and customer experiences for any channel, device, or industry. It is the only seamless platform integrating out-of-the-box product information management, content management, digital asset management and e-commerce functionalities, boosting time-to-market while remaining compatible with any IT infrastructure or system architecture. As the only open-source platform of its kind, Pimcore constitutes a powerful alternative to often expensive and inflexible data platforms.

“We have identified an incredible need for more flexible and connected data solutions for global enterprises, and we strongly believe that control over intellectual property and software belongs in the hands of our customers and partners. That’s why we have developed our technology to be completely free of any license costs,” says Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore. “Our open-source model is unprecedented among product data management and experience management vendors, and we are excited to use this funding to supercharge those capabilities for enterprises around the world.” Pimcore is available in three different editions: The free and open-source Community Edition, which is used by most of Pimcore’s 100,000 customers, the Enterprise Edition for enterprise data and experience management scenarios, and finally the new Pimcore Cloud Edition, the highly configurable SaaS product.

The product information and master data management market segments are expected to experience a tremendous growth of 14 percent to $28B by 2027. This funding round will enable Pimcore to capitalize on this market opportunity and disrupt the traditionally legacy-driven data and experience management industries through enhanced open-source capabilities, as well as new subscription and professional service offerings.

This funding comes on the heels of Pimcore’s recent inclusion in the 2022 Gartner Customers’ Choice Awards report, where it was recognized for its exceptional ability to deploy an open-source ecosystem that can help consolidate digital assets and product information and provide customer experience management in addition to commerce capabilities. As the only vendor having received three different Gartner Awards 2022, Pimcore is a global leader in data and experience management with a top recommendation rate of 93 percent. Its innovative platform has experienced significant growth since being founded in 2013, serving more than 100,000 companies across 56 countries. The Pimcore ecosystem is supported by a global network of more than 150 certified implementation and consulting partners.

“All innovation in recent years in areas such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence have happened in open-source ecosystems. It has become the primary engine of innovation around the world,” furthers Rietsch. “We’re looking forward to extending these capabilities to current and future customers in 2023 and beyond.”

“We are delighted to fuel the growth of Pimcore. It’s an outstanding product with an exceptional global vision,” says Christian Plangger, Managing Partner of Nordwind Growth. “It’s simply a 100 percent fit within our investment strategy that also includes other leading vendors in the data and experience management industry such as trbo and Productsup.”                                             

For more information on Pimcore’s data management and customer experience capabilities, please visit www.pimcore.com.

About Pimcore

Pimcore is a software vendor for free and open-source customer experience management, digital asset management, product information management, multi-channel publishing and e-commerce software. The company is based in Salzburg, Austria, with 150 certified partners around the globe. For more information, visit www.pimcore.com.

About Nordwind Growth

Nordwind Growth is one of the first German-based growth funds and has many years of successful experience in scaling and expanding growth companies. The investors of Nordwind Growth are, among others, well-known entrepreneurs as well as industrial families, who are happy to make their experience and network available to the portfolio companies.

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