Pimcore Mountain Summit 2022 – That’s a Wrap!

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Pimcore Mountain Summit for whatever reason – we’ve created a quick recap of what happened
Pimcore Mountain Summit 2022 – That’s a Wrap! - Impression #1

Pimcore held its 8th annual partner event on 27 September in Salzburg – more specifically, on one of Salzburg’s landmark mountains. And we’re happy to announce: The Mountain Summit was a huge success, bringing together our global partners to show how Pimcore is getting better and better as it develops and expands. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet like-minded people, share knowledge and see innovation happening.

We are honored to have hosted a Pimcore Mountain Summit for more than 230+ attendees from 83+ partners around the world. However, if you were among the ones who didn’t get a chance to attend for whatever reason – we’ve created a quick recap. Spoiler alert: It was an amazing event with many revelations and fantastic news for Pimcore enthusiasts!

But let’s cut to the chase now – after all, we’re here to spill the tea on what happened.


Keynote Speech by the CEO

Dietmar Rietsch, co-founder and CEO of Pimcore, kicked off the event by reminding attendees of Pimcore’s original vision: “make data and experience management accessible to anyone”. He went on to talk about how the market for product information management will grow from $12.2bn to $23.8bn by 2027, a growth of 95 %. Similarly, the trend towards data experience management will continue, and the market has the potential to grow at a rate of 170 % from a market share of $11.2bn to $30.4bn by 2027. Those numbers are mind-boggling, and the possibilities behind them are incredibly exciting for us!

Amazing News for Pimcore

Dietmar, in his keynote, was also thrilled to announce that Pimcore has received $12 million in Series B funding that will enable the company to expand its open-source enterprise data and experience management platform globally. That’s huge news!

The investment was led by German tech growth fund Nordwind Growth. Nordwind Growth is one of the first German-based growth funds and has many years of successful experience in scaling and expanding companies. Christian Plangger from Nordwind hopped on stage to comment: “We are delighted to fuel the growth of Pimcore. It is an outstanding product with an exceptional global vision.” We’ve got nothing to add, other than a massive “Thank you”!

But that’s not all! To increase visibility and relevance, Pimcore will be investing a total of EUR 1 million in partner marketing and EUR 500,000 in sales enablement in 2023 alone. 

Read the Press Release 

The State of Pimcore 

Pimcore’s C-Level also talked about how Pimcore is transitioning from the vision phase to the action phase. 

Some of the key highlights from this session:  

  • Pimcore is currently working on clear strategies and goals from the vision and hands-on action stages. 
  • The organization is growing at an impressive rate, increasing its strength from 10 Pimconauts to 24 Pimconauts. The diverse team presently consists of members from 9 different nationalities.  
  • Klaus Schobesberger, COO of Pimcore, says that the Pimcore HR and employer branding team is building a strong foundation to grow the Pimcore organization.
  • Dietmar Rietsch used to be the only person managing the company. Now there’s a strong management and leadership team that continues to grow and evolve.  
  • Pimcore was considered a bit of a “sidekick” to its partner agency elements and is now developing its own culture and systems for handling internal and external processes. 
  • Pimcore’s offerings in the market have changed – from Community Edition to Triple Play.  
  • Bernhard, CTO of Pimcore, commented that the Pimcore product reaches many different industry verticals. 
  • Stefan Gruber, CSO of Pimcore, says that the company has been scaling sales activities from zero commercial sales to winning major accounts by outperforming competitors. 
  • Christian Fasching, CPO of Pimcore, mentiones the product and Pimcore 11 have a lot of development potential from a UX/UI perspective that can now be tapped during the scaling process.  

Pimcore Partner Program

A big announcement came from Stefan Gruber, Chief Sales Officer at Pimcore: Two new partner tiers – Platinum Partner and Global Partner – were introduced to meet the needs of and expand the partner target group. This session also contained information on the latest and upcoming partner programs in a number of disciplines: partner enablement, close collaboration, sales & service and partner marketing services. 

For further information about the new upcoming Partner program register for the free webinar on 11th and 20th of October. 

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Case Studies and Roundtables

Knowledge is power – and sharing it with the community makes it even more powerful! The Mountain Summit was a great platform for partners to share ideas and find a solution to market challenges. In the late afternoon, our 13+ partners discussed and shared their immense knowledge on how they build innovative solutions on Pimcore platforms.   

Partner Marketing Rethought  

Antoine Hauger, Partner Marketing Manager at Pimcore, shared his insights on the new Marketing Development Fund, i.e. EUR 1 million for the Partner Marketing Program. The very interactive session was fueled by the sharing of innovative ideas. Lots of creative inputs from partners will feed into the 2023 Partner Marketing Program. All we can say is: Wow!

Pitch Perfect!

Pimcore is always looking to increase revenue for its partners by supporting them in all sorts of areas. One of the sessions at the Summit was “Pitch2Perfect”! The Pimcore management team shared practical knowledge on how to pitch Pimcore to the market, tips and tricks to increase revenue, go the extra mile to win business in the challenging market, and deliver an excellent customer experience via Pimcore.

Pimcore Partner Awards and Mountain Party 

The Pimcore Mountain Summit culminated in the Partner Awards, intended to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the Pimcore Universe. Huge congratulations go out to this year’s winners and finalists!  

1.       Partner of the Year: Netformic

2.       Enterprise Integrator of the Year: Datasolution

3.       Award for the Most Valuable Pimconaut: Sebastian Blank 

4.       Data Hero of the Year: Basecom 

5.       Experience of the Year: Melbye Scandinavia (implemented by ateles

6.       Customer of the Year: Gabor (implemented by elements

As a special surprise, an additional award was handed out for the overall performance and success of the collaboration between elements and Pimcore Global Services.  

Reasons enough to celebrate – and that’s exactly what we did! Thank you once again to everyone who attended and all those who have been supporting Pimcore over the years. You rock the digital world!

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