Pimcore once again a leader in Product Information Management

Thanks to numerous evaluations, Pimcore receives the awards "Top Rated" and "Leader" in the category "Product Information Management" and thus proves that companies successfully rely on Pimcore when it comes to data management.
Pimcore once again a leader in Product Information Management - Impression #1

What is OMR Reviews? 

OMR Reviews is a review platform from the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) that provides information and user reviews from various categories, thus simplifying the evaluation of software and tools. There are more than 1,000 tools with over 10,000 reviews on the platform, and the trend is rising.  

Pimcore is a leader in the area of Product Information Management. 

This award is based on the rating (the average score of the reviews) and the number of reviews. The badge is awarded at the beginning of each quarter and relates to the overall performance. 

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Top Raking in the PIM category 

The Top-Rated Badge is awarded to all tools that have received more than 10 reviews with an average of at least four stars in the past three months. This award is given by the OMR Reviews Team quarterly and always refers to the previous quarter's performance.

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But that's not all! 

Besides the Top Rated and Leader award, we have also made it onto the Watchlist. OMR Reviews, therefore, recommends keeping an eye on those awarded tools.  

Many thanks to our community 

On behalf of the entire Pimcore team, we would like to thank all our customers for their trust in us. A big thank you also goes to all those who, with their ratings and constructive criticism, help ensure that Pimcore continues to provide companies with excellent data management and data experience solutions to best possible support them facing the challenges of digitalization. And last but not least: Kudos to the OMR Reviews team for the remarkable rocket launch of their review platform!



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