Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1: Uniting Automation with AI/ML Brilliance

Introducing Pimcore 2024.1: Where AI/ML innovation meets automation, transforming your digital ecosystem and propelling your business into a new era.
Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1: Uniting Automation with AI/ML Brilliance - Impression #1

Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1: Uniting Automation with AI/ML Brilliance

Pimcore is excited to announce the launch of Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1, a monumental update designed to revolutionize how your business interacts with digital ecosystems. Tailored for the forward-thinking enterprise, this release is set to redefine the standards of data management and customer experience, offering unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and intelligence. Tap into the future with predictive analytics that provides actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the competition. Digital operations are set to transform with the Pimcore Copilot, the relentless AI-driven copilot that enhances automation, productivity and streamlines workflow management - making every task more efficient and every decision more impactful.

Alongside an array of technical improvements and maintenance of the platform, this blog focuses on the highlights of Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1

Meet Your Digital Pimcore Copilot

After an initial period of early access, we proudly announce the full availability of the Pimcore Copilot, now integrated within Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1. The copilot is designed to become the central hub for all your Pimcore activities, offering a seamless, context-aware interface that intelligently adapts to immediate needs - without the traditional constraints of manual data management.

Within the Pimcore Copilot universe, the seamless creation and management of product content have become a reality. Transforming daunting content generation tasks is no challenge for the Pimcore Copilot. Embracing the power of automated text and image generation, the Pimcore Copilot creates engaging stories for products or services that resonate deeply with target audiences. Moreover, its capability to automate translations streamlines global reach, enhancing accessibility while conserving time and resources crucial to business growth and expansion.

Yet, this is only the tip of the spaceship. For an in-depth exploration of the full spectrum of capabilities that Copilot brings to the table, please head over to the documentation.

The Pimcore Copilot pushes even beyond conventional boundaries. As this versatile framework is designed to integrate individual automation into the Pimcore Platform, ensuring each function is contextually aligned with unique operational requirements across all industries. Its architecture emphasizes configurability and extensibility, granting businesses the utmost freedom to innovate and customize their digital environment.

Therefore, the Pimcore Copilot becomes the central nervous system of your digital operations, orchestrating tasks with an efficiency that's simply unmatched. From managing complex workflows to automating routine processes, the Pimcore Copilot ensures that every aspect of your operation excellence is optimized for speed, accuracy, and scalability.


Ushering in a New Era of Business Intelligence with Advanced AI/ML Capabilities

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the introduction of Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1 marks a significant milestone in the fusion of business intelligence with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. This Pimcore Platform Version is a revolutionary approach to how enterprises can leverage data for strategic advantages. Let's delve into the transformative AI/ML features of Pimcore and how they are poised to redefine operational efficiency and data management.

Open AI/ML Strategy: A Game-Changer for Enterprises

Pimcore's vision with the 2024.1 release is crystal clear: to lay the foundation of an open AI/ML strategy that integrates seamlessly with its existing ecosystem. This strategic move involves a clever combination of the Pimcore Copilot and new workflow automation functionalities, bridging Pimcore with both commercial and open-source AI/ML models. This initiative aims to create the most extensive, powerful, and customizable ecosystem for automation in data and experience management spaces.

The Power of Connectivity and Integration

At the heart of Pimcore's innovative approach is its open architecture, designed to connect with any AI/ML system and infrastructure effortlessly. The platform's adaptability is further enhanced by the Pimcore Copilot and workflow automation features, which facilitate seamless integration with an array of AI/ML models. From leveraging 500k open-source models on platforms like Hugging Face, including Llama 2 from Meta and Mistral, to connecting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dalle3 APIs, Google Vertex AI, Anthropic’s Claude, Stable Diffusion, and AI/ML libraries from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure—Pimcore ensures limitless possibilities.

Democratizing AI/ML for All Industries

Pimcore's ambition transcends mere inference with a vast number of models - it aims to empower industries to train and connect customized models that are perfectly aligned with their unique needs. This commitment to democratizing AI/ML underscores Pimcore's belief in making sophisticated and flexible data and experience management accessible to everyone, fostering an environment of innovation and growth across various sectors.

A Glimpse into the Future: Pimcore Enterprise Edition

The Pimcore Enterprise Edition is set to showcase the platform's capabilities with several examples highlighting its diverse functionalities. However, the excitement truly lies in the potential innovations that customers and the broader ecosystem will develop using Pimcore Copilot and the platform's workflow automation features. The AI/ML-driven advancements in Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) are particularly noteworthy.

Transformative Capabilities Across Modalities

Pimcore's commitment to AI/ML innovation is forging a path toward boundless possibilities, crafting a resilient platform that's primed for the future's diverse modalities. This forward-thinking approach ensures readiness to embrace emerging technologies, such as:

  • Multimodal Interactions: Image-Text-to-Text, Visual Question Answering, Document Question Answering, and more, facilitating complex interactions between different data types.
  • Computer Vision: Techniques like Depth Estimation, Image Classification, Object Detection, and Image Segmentation, enhancing the understanding and manipulation of visual content.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Advanced capabilities such as Text Classification, Summarization, Translation, and Text Generation, improving how machines understand and generate human language.
  • Audio Processing: From Text-to-Speech to Automatic Speech Recognition, expanding the ways in which auditory information can be analyzed and generated.

The launch of Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1 is more than an update—it's a revolution in how businesses approach data management and leverage AI/ML for strategic advantage. By embracing an open AI/ML strategy and providing a platform for seamless integration with a myriad of AI/ML models, Pimcore is not just anticipating the future of business intelligence; it is actively shaping it.

Pimcore and OpenSearch

With Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1, we're making a pivotal change behind the scenes by transitioning from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch. This strategic update is designed to align with the market's evolving needs, ensuring that the Pimcore Platform continues to offer top-tier search capabilities without compromising flexibility or functionality. It is also worth highlighting that the replacement has no impact on the existing functionalities of the Platform. This strategic update only ensures that while the underlying technology evolves, the quality, efficiency, and user experience of search within Pimcore remain consistent and uninterrupted. OpenSearch stands out in its commitment to open-source principles, ensuring that it remains a flexible and future-proof choice for Pimcore's diverse and expanding user base.

The switch to OpenSearch within Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1 further guarantees that the Platform remains free from restrictive licensing, ensuring businesses continue benefitting from powerful search functionalities - without any search engine licensing fees.

But wait, there is more

As we unveil the myriad of enhancements and features with Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1, our journey toward innovation and excellence doesn't stop here. We're excited to announce that a new user interface, Studio UI, and its companion, Studio API, are currently being developed. These advancements are designed to streamline your experience and integration capabilities with Pimcore, setting a new standard for usability and flexibility in managing digital assets and content.

As we continue to evolve and enhance the Pimcore Platform, we invite you to stay connected and engaged with us. There's much more on the horizon, and we're just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way for a future where digital transformation is a tangible reality for businesses around the globe.

Explore all new features, technical changes and improvements: Pimcore Documentation


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Thanks for choosing Pimcore. See you soon for the next version!

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