The Indispensable Role of DAM for Customer Experience Strategy

You neither ignore any customer nor the customer experience. And DAM is necessary across all customer segments to deliver engaging and personalized CX across multiple channels.
The Indispensable Role of Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Customer Experience Strategy

Today, customers have tremendous power. Can you imagine what your business looks like without adding the dimension of customer experience? From revenue growth and CSAT perspective, it is unthinkable to turn your back on CX. In both long-term and short-term strategies, you must up the ante to shape your organization's future of customer experience. Digital assets are one of the essential layers in the sphere of CX that need full attention.

Why? Because enterprises need to deliver the right digital media assets at the right time across all customer touchpoints. These digital assets are also instrumental in marketing, product catalogs, promotions, website creation, and everything else that enriches the customer experience.

But with changing customer expectations, you cannot scale fast without robust capability in digital asset management along with infusing creativity, maintaining brand consistency and integrity, and decreasing the risks of infringement. When all these pillars permeate in the right direction, they automatically bring upliftment in the customer experience universe.

Ignorance is NOT bliss in DAM

You cannot ignore any customer. You need to build interest and trust with all types of customers that your communication is accurate, relevant, and aligned with where they expect. Increasingly, DAM is necessary across all customer segments to achieve this feat, including:

  • Improve digital asset creation cycles with transparency and efficiency.
  • Deliver essential assets for advanced marketing programs like real-time personalized marketing across multiple channels.
  • Classify and organize digital assets in a robust data taxonomy.
  • Enhance asset utilization and internal search metrics.
  • Speed up asset identification, tagging, editing, and cropping.
  • Distribute diverse digital asset types to a broad array of marketing technology engines.
  • Deliver consistency and continuity in all brand interactions.

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The Connection of CX and DAM

Digital asset management is, directly and indirectly, related to customer experience programs. It is hard to provide an engaging CX without mastering the art of managing and distributing digital assets throughout the customer journey. DAM platform offers tremendous capabilities in order to improve customer experience across diverse channels. They engage the customer, help in developing a personalized touch, and make informed decisions. Here is how:

Customer Experience

Digital asset management offers tremendous capabilities in order to improve customer experience

Digital Asset Management (DAM)


What’s next?

Once you know customer experience priorities, the next step is to eliminate the challenges with DAM capabilities. First, you must analyze whether a basic DAM solution is suitable for your needs. If not, you also need capabilities like product information management, content management, or digital experience management platform. Along with that, you must also determine how your preferred DAM solution will integrate into your existing ecosystem to improve customer experience across the length and breadth of your sales channels.

The quick gameplan

Investing in customer experience improvement not only benefits customers but can also help your operational teams through improved productivity to focus on things that truly matter to customers. Significantly, a better understanding of customer behavior can serve as the catalyst for taking CX to the next level. So, launch your DAM projects to quickly capitalize on your customer experience journey. Quick things to take care of:

  • Develop a business case with a well-defined CX scenario.
  • Analyze requirements and create the roadmap.
  • Align stakeholder-developed use cases.
  • Identify the systems and tools that your DAM system may need.
  • Select the right-fit integration approach.
  • Rope in a dedicated DAM specialist to drive real CX values.

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Pimcore DAM— A Platform That Delivers Results

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