How to Master Product Information Management for the Next Era of Consumer-Product Interaction

The significance of product information in today’s business context is getting more and more acknowledged— be it operational or analytical. But, the rising volume, variety, and velocity of product data is demanding smarter supervision and stewardship to enhance its quality, reliability, and accessibility for hyperconnected and frictionless customer experience across channels. This is where the role of a PIM system is growing bigger in crafting the perfect product experience for multimedia mix of customer touchpoints while managing diversified product information regulations and different law of lands present across various territories and verticals.

“A Business Leader’s Guide to Product Information Management”
This whitepaper provides a good view on how organizations can steadily revitalize their product information management strategy to build engaging product experience and unlock unforeseen business values in the future-run. The paper includes:


  1. A Drift Towards Connected Product Experience
  2. Driving Forces -
    • What You Need to Know While Framing Product Information Management Strategy?
  3. Plan of Action -
    • How to Approach Heavyweight Product Data to Thrive in the Digital Wave?
  4. Implementation -
    • Choosing the Right PIM Enabling Technology
    • PIM Platform Selection Criteria
  5. Future Sustainability -
    • Continuously Improving Product Information Intelligence and Insights

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