The B2B Retailer’s Manual for Resilient Selling with PIM

For B2B businesses, it has become imperative to offer their customers access to a single, 360-degree view and real-time status of product data. Providing customers with visibility of their accounts, along with custom reports, and an ability to engage from any part of the globe: That’s a basic requirement from a customer’s perspective now. So it makes perfect sense that product data management has become a fundamental factor for success, as it significantly contributes to the resilience and adaptability of enterprises. Read how PIM can bring you success!

“PIM's importance can't be ignored any longer”
Manufacturers experiencing a discernible shift in the way they conduct their business, are waking up to the advantages of having a PIM system to navigate through the pandemic. This whitepaper takes a closer look, including:

  • Retailing in Times of a Pandemic - and Beyond
  • Building Lasting Resiliency and Adaptabilitys
  • 5 Ways to Prepare for the Long Haul with PIM
  • Redefining Resilience & Refinement for Retailers
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