Success right from the start: This is what Pimcore's Client Success Services provide - exclusively for PaaS Edition and Enterprise Edition customers. We provide you with our experienced Client Success Team to accelerate the implementation and adoption  of your Pimcore solution.

Pimcore Enablement & Client Success Services

With the rise of AI and Machine Learning, the traditional developer-heavy approach is reshaped. Yet, a versatile system and empowering support are essential for creating top-tier data and experience management solutions. 

Welcome to Pimcore Enablement, a selection of specialized services exclusive to the Pimcore Enterprise Edition. Dive into a world of opportunities that maximize the capabilities of the Pimcore Platform. Pimcore is committed to offering an unmatched customer experience, serving both direct clients and augmenting support for enterprise customers via dedicated Pimcore Solution Partners. 

Enterprise Consulting 

Step into the world of Pimcore with confidence. Pimcore consulting services grant you access to a team of seasoned experts deeply familiar with all aspects of the Pimcore Platform. They provide bespoke guidance, ensuring that you master its intricate features. Our objective is to seamlessly integrate the platform into your distinct business processes and aims, streamlining operations and driving your enterprise closer to its visionary targets. 

Strategic Insights 

Knowledge is the foundation of innovation. With Pimcore insights service, you will stay ahead in your industry. Our strategic insights help you demystify future development trajectories, allowing you to anticipate strategic shifts, understand their relevance to your operations, and position your business to capitalize on these changes for enhanced operational excellence. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 

In the dynamic world of digital platforms, consistency is invaluable. Pimcore SLAs are designed to deliver unmatched service quality and support. Beyond problem-solving, these agreements are about forging a partnership built on trust. They ensure that you experience peak system performance consistently and operate without service interruptions, giving you the tranquility to focus on your core business. 

Industry Best-Practices 

Experience is said to be the best teacher. However, learning from collective industry wisdom is far less risky than from your own mistakes. Pimcore best practices are collected from a multitude of successful Pimcore implementations. They highlight proven strategies and approaches to ensure you can fully leverage the Pimcore Platform, streamlining operations and steering your team towards swift and efficient achievement of business targets. 

Expert Training 

A tool is only as good as the craftsman wielding it. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to turn your team into Pimcore experts. Delivered by Pimcore professionals, these sessions ensure that your team is not just familiar with the platform but becomes adept at using it, promising a significant uplift in operational efficiency, user satisfaction, and overall productivity. 

Handpicked Partner Recommendations

Navigating the vast sea of solution providers is daunting. Partner recommendation from Pimcore simplifies this journey. Drawing from an extensive network of trusted Pimcore Solution Partners, we provide recommendations that align perfectly with your business's individual needs. This compatibility also spares you the time and effort typically expended in the vetting process, ensuring a harmonious and solution-oriented collaboration. 

Dedicated Onboarding

We know it can be daunting to implement a new and powerful solution that you don’t have any experience with. Our Client Success Experts are here for you from the beginning! They ensure a smooth and structured onboarding process, including all relevant aspects of a successful Pimcore PaaS project – e. g. strategic goals and a best practice solution approach, data modelling, data integration, definition of workflows, etc.

We consider onboarding by experts an essential piece of the puzzle for a successful Pimcore Cloud project. That’s why we have included different levels of free onboarding packages for every Pimcore Cloud Edition.

Client Success & Business Consulting

With our Pimcore Client Success and Business Consulting Services, we help businesses tackle their diverse cloud-based data and experience management challenges. What gives us an edge is our direct access to Pimcore product owners and engineers, more than a decade of experience, a distinctive end-to-end project approach, and a blend of in-house and industry best practices.

Pimcore offers a variety of Client Success Packages depending on your need for support, your business requirements, and project complexity. On the basis of initial clarification of these factors, you can choose between different types of Client Success and Business Consulting Services:

Data and Experience Management Strategy
Maximize the strategic return on your Pimcore investment and ensure you are well-positioned for future growth and innovation. Our Client Success Manager will work with you on developing data-driven plans that span diverse challenges, including a global omnichannel strategy to get the best out of your Pimcore PaaS Edition.

Business Requirements Consulting
We will help you to lower your development costs and speed up your project implementation and configuration times. You will gain a deeper understanding of how your business needs, processes, and back-end systems align with Pimcore’s PaaS Edition capabilities. Our Client Success Managers will work side by side with you and your client business teams to establish functional as well as system integration requirements for your cloud-based data management solution with the Pimcore PaaS Edition.

Data Modeling & Configuration Services
If you need support during operational configuration, we will be at your service right away. On the basis of previously established goals and definitions, our Client Success Managers will configure your Pimcore PaaS Edition as desired in regards to the data model, user management, workflows, data integration and data mapping, etc. This allows you to focus on what matters most: growing and scaling your business with Pimcore!

Individual Training

Fully understanding the capabilities and possibilities of a solution is a vital part of project success. As a trailblazer for digital platforms, we are proud to say that our technology is so easy and intuitive to use that very little admin and end-user training is required for successful configuration. If you still have questions and can’t find the answers in our publicly available documentation, your Client Success Manager is here to help. Together with this our Client Success Team, you and your project team will define a detailed and tailored training agenda in advance – 100% targeted to your unique objectives and challenges. Training will be held remotely in the form of web sessions.

Enterprise Client Success Services

If you need client success, consulting or individual training services for your Pimcore Enterprise Edition, our certified partners are the ones to reach out to. Please contact us or one of our more than 150 partners worldwide to provide you with suitable regional and excellent partner support services.

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