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Ensuring that our customers have a seamless experience with Pimcore defines our support services model. We offer several levels of services to help you meet your unique requirements. Pimcore offers complete support and guidance to leverage digital transformation solutions to enterprise-level organizations across the globe.

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Pimcore Global Services uses the innovative Continuous Delivery approach to improve your overall software development capability. The Continuous Delivery approach is designed to simplify and accelerate the process of bringing applications from code to production. Continuous delivery removes traditional obstacles, automates manual steps, and provides best practices that leverage and enhance the agile development methodology to ensure fast and high quality application delivery.

Service Level Engagement

Opt for the support services according to your immediate requirements. Under this offering, all requests are categorized according to the severity or business impact scale. 



Production application is down or a major malfunction is rendering a product inoperative? Fear not. We understand that all such issues are a matter of urgency and of the highest level.

We respond within 15 minutes for all such issues after hearing from you (L1). Our team of experts analyze the issue raised (L2) and prepare resolution guide/recommendation within 2 hours. The issue is resolved within just four hours (L3).

Medium Level Severity

Moderate loss of application functionality or performance impacting the normal functioning of multiple users falls under this category.

 We take 30 minutes to respond to your first query (L1) and take only two days to analyze and prepare a resolution guide (L2). The issue will be settled within just five working days (L3).

High Level Severity

All major feature/product failures and critical loss of performance severely hampering the program usability are categorized as high-level severity issues.

30 minutes is the time we take to acknowledge and respond to your query (L1). After getting to the core of the matter, which takes one business day (L2), we will resolve the issue within two business days (L3).

Low Level Severity

All minor loss of application functionality, product feature requests, how-to questions are considered as low level severity issues.

Besides acknowledging the issue and responding in 30 minutes (L1), we prepare a resolution guide with recommendations within three business days (L2). We guarantee a solution within 10 working days (L3).

Support Fixed Hours Model

Pimcore offers through its services blocks of support. The hours may be used during a defined period. The uses include any support you need via or other remote systems. Your options include: training, programming, consulting, Q&A, troubleshooting, and more. If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out the following form. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Application Support

  • Change request to existing Pimcore application
  • New feature/plugin/report development
  • Anything that needs opening of existing code with respect to the functionality delivered
  • Changes/development at UI level
  • Activity related to Data Migration or Integration
  • Data quality support
  • Integration with any third party applications

Infrastructure Support

  • Monitoring - system performance, application performance, process monitoring, security monitoring, statistics and reports to track service quality trends, visibility to prioritize optimization efforts
  • Backup - automated daily snapshots of disk within a zone, monthly snapshots of image within a region
  • Log Analysis - system log analysis, application log analysis, cloud related logs, audit logs analysis
  • Security - network configuration, security group configuration, OS firewall, path updates and management, authorization policies, key management, encryption, RBAC role based access

Consulting Support

  • Analysis of current "As-Is" scenario
  • Analysis of current "As-Is" Business Process Flows
  • Sharing best practices based on analysis
  • User experience consulting (UX and UI)
  • Recommending "To-Be" scenario
  • Recommending refined business process flows / product life cycle
  • Recommending Solution Architecture
  • Recommending Full System Integration and Implementation project plan

Offshore Development Center

Focus on your business model and core processes while we take care of the rest. Our flexible offerings include a dedicated team of experts who work alongside you to create differentiation for your organization. Leverage the latest technologies while developing your projects with a team working exclusively with you from our facility. Rest assured, we celebrate value created for the customer, rather than celebrating the project completion.


  • Transparent process to minimize the fear of unknown
  • Lower operating expenses and raised productivity levels
  • Reduced time to market to beat the competition3

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Proactive, rather than Reactive

Pimcore has been appraised at Level 5 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

In our continued effort to deliver best-in-class services, it is our goal to go beyond the defined level of maturity and create processes that foster excellence.   

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