Sintra Consulting

Sintra Digital Business was born 18 years ago from the entrepreneurial project of Michele Barbagli and Gianni Bianchi and that has always had the objective of accompanying customers towards the growth of their digital business.

A young, enterprising, dynamic and international organization structured with over 200 B2B customers, 4,000 B2C customers and over 80 collaborators in Italy, the UK and Poland.

Sintra Digital Business is structured into cross-functional areas that allow us to support the digital transformation that medium and large companies are looking for: eCommerce development, portal development, UX Design, Digital Marketing. To ensure the highest quality our projects are followed by vertical Project Managers and specialized in the Fashion & Luxury, Food & Health, Financial sectors.

Type de société
  • System Integrator,
  • E-Commerce Agency,
  • Digital Agency
Pimcore Focus
  • Data Management
Pimcore Silver Partner
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Depuis 2019 avec 1 case studies et 2 développeurs certifiés

Via Fratelli Lumiere, 19
52100 Arezzo
+39 0575383429

Réalisations de ce partenaire Pimcore

Meet our latest partner: Sintra Consulting

We welcome Sintra Consulting from Italy as our latest partner. The company exists for more than 18 years. It started as a small web and software development agency. Over the years, it grew to more than 80 people.
April 10, 2019

Silvian Heach

Silvian Heach is a women fashion brand and has experienced immediate commercial success, which allows brand diffusion in Italy and abroad through retail development with franchising formula.
eCommerce, MDM, DAM, Retail

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