Turbo Digital

Turbo Digital is a digital and IT service provider based in Shanghai, China. With a cross-disciplinary team, we fuse our knowledge of design-thinking into lean startups and agile development and provide innovative digital experiences services by integrating human, business, and technology to clients.  Besides, Turbo Digital also owns an online data analytics SaaS solution for 100K+ eCommerce merchants.

Our team of 4 Pimcore experts could build various portal solutions including intranet portal, B2B/B2C sites, vendor/partner portals. By leveraging the powerful backend of Pimcore, we help clients to re-organize their internal and external content to deliver a unified and personalized experience in different channels (including China's local social media platform of WeChat and Weibo). We also provide L1/L2/L3 managed services to clients for the application on Pimcore.

Pimcore Silver Partner
  • 1 Years as Pimcore Partner
  • 2 Certified Pimcore Junior Developers
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Shanghai Double Turbo Co.Ltd.
FL 6th, No.224, Minzhu Street
201802 Shanghai
+86-21-6910 8502

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