Dominik Pfaffenbauer

lineofcode from Austria is contributing a lot to the Pimcore ecosystem. Most noteworthy is their eCommerce plugin CoreShop, which extends Pimcore with basic eCommerce features. They also do consultancy for well-known Pimcore agencies in Austria and Switzerland as well as developing eCommerce and PIM Solutions all around Europe.

Tipo Azienda
  • Digital Agency,
  • Marketing Agency
Focus Pimcore
  • Data Management,
  • Experience Management
Pimcore Capabilities
Product Configurator
UI/UX Design
Customer Data Platform
Database Publishing
Pimcore Silver Partner
  • 4partnerDetail.Years as Pimcore Partner
  • 2partnerDetail.Certified Pimcore Enterprise Developer
  • 3partnerDetail.Certified Pimcore Consultants
  • 2partnerDetail.Certified Pimcore Senior Developers
  • 2partnerDetail.Certified Pimcore Junior Developers
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Dominik Pfaffenbauer
Bauernstraße 1
4600 Wels
+(43) 660 36 177 85

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