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The success of your data and experience strategy is not solely backed by the capabilities of the Pimcore platform. Excellent and timely service and support by the Pimcore company are two additional qualities significantly contributing to it. Based on the implementation approach of your choice, Pimcore offers several support options geared to your requirements.


Pimcore Enablement

Unleash the full potential of your data and experience management with Pimcore's support services. Thanks to years of experience in the field, we understand every challenge you might face. Right from the start, we're here to help you scale and succeed with the Pimcore Platform™.

More than 140 certified partners worldwide offer excellent Pimcore consulting, implementation/customization services as well as services for your specific project requirements – no matter which industry or region of the world you’re in.

You would like to set up and implement the Pimcore platform on your own? No problem at all. In that case, we will provide you with all the necessary information and documentation to successfully get Pimcore up and running on your own. All documentation is freely available.

Discover our key offerings to elevate your Pimcore Platform experience: expert consulting, forward-looking product insights, guaranteed service quality through robust SLAs, industry-standard best practices, comprehensive platform training, and curated partner recommendations to match your needs perfectly. Contact Us for a seamless journey that is designed for your success.

Strategic Insights
Knowledge is the foundation of innovation. With Pimcore insights service, you will stay ahead in your industry. Our strategic insights help you demystify future development trajectories, allowing you to anticipate strategic shifts, understand their relevance to your operations, and position your business to capitalize on these changes for enhanced operational excellence.
Industry Best-Practices
Experience is said to be the best teacher. However, learning from collective industry wisdom is far less risky than from your own mistakes. Pimcore best practices are collected from a multitude of successful Pimcore implementations. They highlight proven strategies and approaches to ensure you can fully leverage the Pimcore Platform, streamlining operations and steering your team towards swift and efficient achievement of business targets.
Expert Training
A tool is only as good as the craftsman wielding it. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to turn your team into Pimcore experts. Delivered by Pimcore professionals, these sessions ensure that your team is not just familiar with the platform but becomes adept at using it, promising a significant uplift in operational efficiency, user satisfaction, and overall productivity.

Technical Support Help Desk

The basic package for all Cloud Edition customers includes the possibility to send requests and reports about technical issues directly to Pimcore via e-mail. The experts on site will analyze, answer and resolve issues within the shortest possible time.

Enterprise and Cloud Edition customers who require binding support times, the fastest possible response times and increased uptime assurances (for Pimcore Cloud Edition) can choose from additional Service Level Agreements.

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Enterprise Long Term Support

For Pimcore Enterprise Edition customers, long-term support is already included in the commercial licence. It ensures the availability of security updates and patches for older versions of Pimcore as well as discontinued extensions.

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Client Success Services

With Pimcore's client success and consulting services, Pimcore experts support you in achieving your strategic goals in data and experience management: from structured onboarding and specific consulting to strategic planning of data import and modelling. The configuration of the Pimcore Cloud Edition is included as well. Customized Pimcore training for customers is optionally available.

For customers of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition with a "Gold" or "Custom" SLA, we also offer high-quality technical consulting for specific questions, as required. For instance, on system architecture, integration requirements or best practices for the technical implementation of business requirements with Pimcore, and more.

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Partner Services

When it comes to getting complex Pimcore projects off the ground with customizations and enhancements, our 140+ solution partners are the best choice. They draw on extensive experience in consulting, implementation and operation of the Pimcore solution.

Our partners also support you in perfectly configuring Pimcore Cloud Edition for your business requirements and integrating it into your tech stack.

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Documentation & Help Center
Product knowledge is half the battle for a successful Pimcore project. For this reason, you get extensive access to all information on Pimcore. Technical documentation with detailed explanations and code examples is available to developers. Pimcore system administrators and users get answers on how to get started and how to use Pimcore in the Help Center (coming soon) that lists available configuration options along with practical examples.
Pimcore Community
In addition to extensive documentation and the Pimcore Help Center, the globally active Pimcore Community provides answers to specific questions, support or inspiration for what’s possible in the world of Pimcore.
System Status Page & Management Console (Coming Soon)
To ensure you always know how your Pimcore Cloud solution is performing, the Pimcore Cloud Management Console shows you the most important Cloud metrics (storage consumption, number of data objects, etc.). It also gives you an optimal overview of the availability of your Pimcore Cloud Services (application, database, API, etc.) at any time via the system status page, including automated notifications about any system failures and recoveries.


Deciding on the right system solution is not only a matter of being able to grasp and correctly assess the range of capabilities and possibilities of a system as a whole. It is also crucial to obtain certainty regarding the further development steps of the product and the general product strategy.

In addition to a continuously updated strategic roadmap overview, we also offer full transparency via GitHub. You can see any time what is currently being worked on in terms of the core product and what will be made available in the future.

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