We love what we do! Our customers benefit from our thorough knowledge all around product data. That’s why we speak many different languages. We are proficient in dialects of classification model language like ETIM and eCl@ss. Moreover, we are business fluent in different exchange formats. There are even some native BMEcat-speakers in our team. Our experts are happy to contribute with their knowledge to enhance your content supply chain (CSC): From product data of your suppliers to target group-specific supply to shops, marketplaces and platforms - print and electronic catalogs - fullautomated
Pimcore Capabilities
Product Configurator
Database Publishing
Mobile Apps
ecatalogs (e. g. BMEcat, excel, ETIM, FAB-DIS and more))
data syndication
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Helestra Leuchten GmbH

Helestra is a brand for high-quality design lighting for all applications around the home.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Digital Commerce, DAM, Produkcja

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