valantic is one of the leading companies in digital solutions, consulting and software, with 1,000 developers and consultants at 25 locations across the German-speaking world.

Over 500 experts in e-business, digital commerce and digital marketing create digital solutions for customer relationships and sales. But this doesn’t just include modern commerce platforms or appealing designs: a core component of the company’s strategy is integrating digital channels meaning customers’ businesses can develop long term.

Pimcore Capabilities
Product Configurator
UI/UX Design
Customer Data Platform
Database Publishing
Mobile Apps
SAP ERP, Customer Data Cloud, S/4 HANA, CRM, Cloud for Customer
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valantic CEC
Breitfeldstrasse 13
9015 St. Gallen
+41 71 313 55 70

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München, Niemcy
Mannheim, Niemcy
Siegen, Niemcy
Langenfeld, Niemcy

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