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Case Study: Better Event Management for Klub żAk Cultural Center

Klub Żak is one of the oldest cultural centers in Poland. Every year there are from 70 to 90 thousand participants of music and theater events, exhibitions, cinema fans, and film education.

Every year Klub Żak hosts over 1000 cultural events. Regular film screenings, concerts and exhibitions are complemented by annual music and dance festivals. Apart from the main website, the club also runs separate websites for two of these festivals. The aim of the project was to create a panel that allows to manage all the services from one place and to streamline the management of numerous events.

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Shared content for several sites

The main challenge identified in the project was to streamline the creation and editing of events and enrich them with additional materials. Until now, events for each website were added manually in separate CMS panels. The technological challenge was not only connecting three websites but also combining events from several categories containing different parameters into one object. An additional requirement was to refresh the UX design and layout of the Club's website and add new functionalities to ensure accessibility for users in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Pimcore - versatility and personalization

The first step taken in the project was to implement a new website for Klub Żak. The website was created as a kind of bulletin board that allows intuitive browsing of cultural events and general information about the club's activities. Then other services run by Klub Żak were moved to Pimcore system. Using the possibility of personalization of the Pimcore panel we created a clear structure of subpages on all websites. While creating a new model of events taking place in Klub Żak, the main emphasis was put on ease and intuitiveness of their management. We used tools of perspectives and custom layout to show administrators the necessary fields to fill. User was also given full control over directing event display to each service. Creating new events was streamlined by automatically entering recurring content for each event within a category. Creating common information subpages to display the same content on each site was another improvement.
Case Study: Jakub Kwiatkowski, Project Manager
"The key issue in this implementation was to find common points of each combined service as well as to indicate common parameters of events organized by our client. Universality and wide possibilities of system customization were the main criteria for choosing Pimcore for this task."
Jakub Kwiatkowski, Project Manager

User and editor friendly

Implemented Pimcore system introduced a new quality in managing events in Klub Żak. Unification of publishing events for several sites and intuitive use of the panel improves the daily work of administrators. They received a tool that allows them to update the content in a shorter time and a tool for attractive presentation of a wide range of cultural events. The new service is also a better experience for users - customers visiting the club. It consists of always up-to-date information, refreshed layout, improved UX design and WCAG functionalities.

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