Case Study: Non-Profit Promotes Culture Through Multiple Microsites

The Czech National Trust  promotes and supports the conservation, protection and maintenance of cultural heritage in the Czech Republic; a cultural heritage of international importance. It aims to inspire, foster and promote the development of an effective voluntary and donor culture in the Czech Republic.

Business Needs

Czech National Heritage Trust needed to create a multi-site platform that would contain more than 100 official microsites of castles and other historic sites in the Czech Republic.  Their requirement was that every microsite has the same structure but with graphics that can be edited to some extent - color of background, pattern of background, size.

Their current website was one that contained a web presentation of the institute without microsites of particular sights.  This website did not properly display the diversity of their organization and users who visited their site were not immediately made aware of all CNHT had to offer. They did not have a proper system in place where they could build all the microsites or that had the capacity manage or maintain the data required for such an initiative.  

Pimcore Solution

Using Pimcore’s salutation, Czech National Heritage Trust was able to easily create all the microsites.  The platform had the capacity to store all the required assets and the execution of these sites was smooth and efficient.  Media assets, documents, and publication details are stored uniformly and CNHT has immediate access to them.  The managers of each microsite have the ability to edit content as needed and structure the content as they see fit. 

With various managers, each site had their own administrator, and with Pimcore’s advanced permissioning capabilities, CNHT was able to grant access to microsites to only the appropriate user.  This ensured that only the correct people had access to their respective microsite and that they were making the appropriate changes as needed.  This also prevented a user from accidentally changing the wrong microsite, thus falsely advertising that did not exist at that particular location.

Business Results

Using Pimcore, the project was a great success and CNHT was able to easily create a dynamic series of microsites.  Even with such a large number of different sites, they could all be accessed through just one link.  The orientation of the sites was very user-friendly and visitors were able to easily navigate and utilize the many features.  There are many different connectors between sites that enabled users to easily discover the many different sights among CNHT and allowed them to plan a trip very easily.  With such easy access, they were able to raise awareness of sights that otherwise might be forgotten by tourists.  More resources were made available to foreign visitors such as languages and well organized tourist information, promoting more tourism and thus increased revenue for CNHT.

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