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Case Study: Better Relationship With Customers and Suppliers for Beauty Cosmetic Brand

Markwins Beauty Brands is a global leader in cosmetics, cosmetic accessories and beauty collections. Is recognized as one of the top 20 suppliers in the global cosmetics industry.

After the global collapse that occurred during the pandemic, the beauty market has shown great resilience, increasing online investments. The change of gears has led to strong changes in offers, sales channels, and business model of all companies in the sector, thus creating the possibility of investments in technology fields, processes and R&D.

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Simplify the internal process

The customer's primary need was to manage and optimize all product information in order to create a unified access point and facilitate the ordering process by distributors. The subdivision of information into silos and the difficulty of managing complex catalogs increased the cost of management and the effort on the part of work teams, making the whole flow redundant and not scalable.

A structured technological system that simplifies the management of product catalogs

Sintra has structured a technological system that simplifies the management of product catalogs, those assets available to distributors and the creation of a b2b portal to give access to the latter and make them autonomous in the creation of orders. The creation of a unique platform for the management of all product information (PIM) and related assets (DAM) has the advantage of decreasing the effort of the work teams for uploading complex catalogs, managing the offer and centralizing in a single point all the fundamental data for the management of the b2b portal and the portal for product recycling specifications. The highlights of the project: Centralization of product master data; Scalability: explosion of data towards n applications; Integration with the INFOR ERP and Liferay platform for real-time communication and integrated management of product catalogs; Creation of a graphic mockup and development of a minisite that is directly populated by the assets present in Pimcore.

A revolution in customer relations

The work on the platform has revolutionized the relationship with customers and suppliers, allowing to increase customization, collaboration, sharing of updates, and timeliness.

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