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Case Study: New website enhances management of extensive product catalog

Standard BioTools provides solutions such as instruments, software, and support hardware to study cancer, inflammatory diseases and immunotherapies in transformative new ways.

The Standard BioTools website is a crucial channel for marketing and sharing product information with clients. When it came time to overhaul the website, it was critical to implement a system that enabled ease of content and site management. With Pimcore, HDMZ rebuilt the site to empower staff to easily keep its online catalog up to date.

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Catalog and data management in a rapidly changing industry

Standard BioTools (then known as Fluidigm) partnered with HDMZ for a comprehensive overhaul of the company website. Standard BioTools needed a system that empowered the marketing team to more easily make the content and site updates required to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry. These changes also included alterations to product information, publication data and pricing. Because product information is critical for Standard BioTools, it was important to ensure the website had the ability to share or manage data that overlaps in various portions of the functionality.

Evolving data structure and connectivity

Using Pimcore, HDMZ completely rebuilt the site and product information capabilities to allow Standard BioTools to easily manage and relate content and data in one interface. HDMZ utilized Pimcore’s capacity to manage large amounts of data to more easily outline functionality and store and manipulate data. Pimcore’s facilitation of a data structure that evolves over time made it an ideal solution, as did its connectivity capabilities, which allow for pulling in and using remote data from SalesForce or other providers.

A new, easy-to-use system

The team at Standard BioTools is now able to confidently manage the site and product data, without outside assistance. Where previously adding new content was a source of significant stress, it is now something that can be accomplished with ease. In some cases, human interaction is not even necessary to keep the product data up to date, as the new site can pull information directly from the Salesforce store. With a new, easy-to-use system that improves Standard BioTools’ online presence and ability to market products, the Standard BioTools team has a new sense of excitement and possibility for their website.

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