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In addition to the well-known caffeine shampoo from the gray bottle, Dr. Kurt Wolff also develops products under the ALCINA brand in the areas of haircare, nourishing and decorative cosmetics. The target groups are professional partners such as hairdressers on the one hand and end customers on the other. In order to offer both areas a modern and uniform appearance, the project team, together with experts from Dr. Kurt Wolff and Arvato Systems, developed a completely new infrastructure for the e-commerce stores. Learn more

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German Red Cross

The German Red Cross is the National Red Cross Society in Germany and part of the world's largest humanitarian organization: the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
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Zur Rose Pharma GmbH

As a service provider for pharmacies and a partner to doctors, health insurance companies, homes and healthcare companies, Zur Rose Pharma GmbH supports patients in the provision of medicines and healthcare. The focus is on competencies in the areas of pharmacy, logistics, purchasing, marketing and managed care
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PIM System for Online Pharmacy

Fit for the future! Under this headline Zur Rose trusts in the experience and know-how of Intera, as a partner for exchange and development of knowledge.
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Consolidation of 22 websites boosts digital marketing for nursing home

The Ev. Altenhilfe Gesundbrunnen is a large provider of diaconal work for the elderly in Germany. With 22 old hospices and 7 outpatient services; day nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they work for more than 2,000 people in need of care and assistance.
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