How Does Product Information Impact Your Customer Experience?

The significance of customer experience continues to grow in today’s business landscape. Trusted product information can make the experience more enjoyable.
How Does Product Information Impact Your Customer Experience? | © Pimcore

Unlike in the past, where a product's popularity may have sufficed to secure its status as the preferred choice among customers, today's buyers are more discerning. Once perceived as a basic label, product information has now transformed into a pivotal factor that defines the overall customer experience. 

Consumers meticulously scrutinize product information as a crucial determinant in their decision-making process before investing in any brand's offerings. And as the significance of customer experience continues to grow in today’s business landscape, high-quality and readily accessible product information will be vital in determining business success.

Significance: Customer Decision-making

Modern consumers increasingly seek connections and engagements with brands on a personal level. According to a study, 73% of consumers consider customer experience as a primary factor in their decision to buy from a business. Every customer’s journey begins with the initial awareness of a brand and continues through product acquisition and post-purchase customer care. This journey encompasses the overall experience a customer has with a business, which must ensure that this journey is worthwhile for a consumer in terms of time, money, and commitment.

Furthermore, in today's empowered and informed customer landscape, a consumer's personal experience is highly influenced by factors such as reviews, customer testimonials and ratings of other buyers. Positive feedback can sway consumers in favor of a brand, while negative feedback can have the opposite effect. By delivering a superior and tailored customer experience, businesses can cultivate enduring and meaningful relationships with consumers, leading to repeat business and enhanced customer lifetime value.


Influence: Accurate and Real-time Information

Customers' perception of a brand and the availability, quality, and relevance of product information significantly influences its offerings. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to carefully consider the positive or negative implications that accurate product information, or its absence, can have on the overall customer experience.

Improve data accuracy and consistency across a customer’ buying journey:

In each stage of a buyer’s decision-making process, diverse types of product information play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome. In the awareness stage, compelling product descriptions and feature lists help capture a consumer’s attention and enable them to understand the purpose and functionality of a product. During the consideration stage, detailed technical specifications and reviews from industry experts and other consumers offer insights into product performance and quality. Finally, in the purchase stage, informative comparison charts and persuasive testimonials help customers solidify their final product choice.


Deliver accurate and detailed product information for customer satisfaction:

With comprehensive and reliable information about a product, consumers are empowered to make informed purchase decisions. In-depth product information enables customers to grasp the features, specifications, and benefits of the product, allowing them to evaluate whether it aligns with their needs and expectations. With a clear understanding of what they can expect from the product, customers can make confident purchase decisions, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction with their chosen product.


Build and maintain a consistent brand image and voice:

Trusted and unswerving product information helps businesses to keep a consistent brand image and voice across different channels, making it easier for customers to recognize and connect with the brand. It also enables businesses to respond quickly to customer inquiries and resolve issues related to product information, which can further enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhance collaboration and productivity among teams:

PIM systems provide a centralized platform for teams to collaborate and manage product information. This leads to improved productivity, reduced errors, and faster time-to-market for new products. It also enables businesses to respond quickly to market changes, launch new products, and innovate faster. This is because product data is readily available and can be easily updated and distributed across various channels.


Essential Steps

Businesses must take some key steps to ensure their product information is sound and relevant. 

  • Understanding customer needs and preferences

Businesses must conduct meticulous market research, collect comprehensive customer feedback, and conduct an in-depth analysis of customer behavior to understand their requirements and inclinations. This acquired knowledge enables them to tailor their product information to ensure the information provided is relevant and valuable for their target audience.

  • Providing detailed and accurate product descriptions

Detail and accuracy are crucial for product description efficacy. Businesses must provide comprehensive information in the form of key features, technical specifications, usage guides, and more to help the customer gain a holistic understanding of the product. It is also essential that any non-essential information not relevant to the product is omitted.

  • Highlighting product features and benefits

A brand must prominently showcase the product's key features and benefits concisely and compellingly. This can be accomplished by using visually appealing aids such as bullet points, tables, or other graphical representations that enable customers to grasp the distinctive selling points of the product swiftly.

  • Including high-quality product images and videos

Visual elements, such as meticulously crafted product images and superior-quality videos, help businesses comprehensively convey product information. By leveraging these visual aids, brands can empower customers to visualize the product and comprehend its appearance, size, and other physical attributes, thereby providing a refined understanding of its features and benefits.

  • Encouraging customer reviews and feedback

Promoting and incentivizing customers to provide reviews and feedback on the product page or other relevant platforms can enhance the credibility and authenticity of the product information. With this proactive approach, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to valuing customer opinions and willingness to embrace a culture of continuous improvement.

In Conclusion

The impact of product information on customer experience cannot be overstated. When customers have high expectations and providing them with the right information can make all the difference in their experience with a product or service. As such, businesses that prioritize the provision of clear and comprehensive product information will not only have happier customers but also improve their chances of building long-term customer loyalty and success.

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