Packt Publishing Book: Modernize Enterprise CMS with Pimcore

Daniele Fontani, Marco Guiducci, and Francesco Minà have written a comprehensive 400+ page book about Pimcore for developers who want to learn practical ways of using and implementing Pimcore.
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This book is designed to encourage you to learn about Pimcore in a straightforward manner. It covers all the important topics to enable you to initiate and complete a real-world project.

We think the book is complimenting Pimcore Academy – the official Pimcore video training platform for developers – with great practical examples. The book also underlines and supplements the content of the Pimcore Documentation in a nicely prepared and structured manner.

Read the sample book chapter “Implementing Product Information Management” in the best-practice section of the official Pimcore documentation!

To reach this goal, we have developed a book that's not only a set of information but something that combines theory and practice. This pragmatic approach will teach you how Pimcore works and how to put your knowledge into practice without getting annoyed or barely being able to follow tutorials by asking you why you need to do that. In fact, the first chapters will introduce you to a high-level vision of Pimcore so that you are aware of all its benefits, and then we will embark on a journey that will progressively uncover all the details of Pimcore step by step without introducing any excessive complexity.

This book is designed for any developer, CTO, or any other kind of technician wanting to deliver Pimcore-based solutions or who is willing to build digital platforms to support their customers or their business on the digital transformation journey.

This book gradually introduces the most important concepts, so you do not require any special background. All you need to know to understand the book is the basics of the PHP language and some practices involving HTML and CSS.

After reading this book, you will be able to do the following:

  1. You will understand what Pimcore is and how it works. In fact, we believe that it isn't only a matter of which tool to use, but also to incorporate it perfectly into the big picture.
  2. You will be able to create websites and portals, using Pimcore as a digital experience platform. This includes using the CMS engine, but also creating custom web MVC pages and reusable components.
  3. You will be able to use the enterprise feature of Pimcore (PIM, DAM, MDM). You will learn how to collect data, incorporate it into a unified database, and share it with all potential consumers (apps, websites, legacy applications, and so on).
  4. You will be able to install, maintain, and deploy a Pimcore website.

In simple terms, this book will lead you on a journey through theoretical and practical lessons to become a Pimcore developer!

You can order the book on Amazon or purchase it directly from Packt Publishing.

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